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08 07 12


Have been playing a lot of poker with a bro lately. I’m getting closer and closer to his skill level!

I started out knowing pretty much nothing and basically having to look at a card that showed what combinations are winning every other turn. After quite a bit of practice, I now usually know when to fold, when to call someone’s possible bluff, and when to go all in like a boss.

That being said, I’m still having a bit of a hard time bluffing. Sure, I can Hollywood (act) pretty well by now, but my bluffs tend to be noticed rather easily for some reason. I usually end up drawing the short end of the stick and enter the showdown with nothing but a high card or low pair.

I also take way too much risks, ie betting my bottom buck we’ll have another clubs so I can get a flush, whilst there’s only one more card left to be drawn.

Really shouldn’t be telling you so much about my strategies though, that reduces my chances of outplaying you should we ever face each other.
~ Fang


  • 09/07/2012 (9:46 AM)

    I haven’t played poker in aggges! Though it was always with my dad and he beats me at everything, especially chess lol!

  • 09/07/2012 (8:45 AM)

    I watch a lot of poker but still don’t know how to play. Need to learn one of these days.

  • 09/07/2012 (12:17 AM)

    I’m not too bad at the whole poker thing, but I have some very bad habits. If I’m playing Texas Hold ‘Em then I will always, always, always see the river. I will always go past the first round of betting. I know pretty much all the combinations by now, but I suck at having a poker face. Despite how moody and miserable I am naturally, and expressionless I might add, I have instant reactions I can’t control when something, such as a winning hand, makes me happy.

    In short, everyone can see my poker face.

    You must have a tell. There are people who are very good at body language, and can spot a tell, something you do when you’re hiding something or lying, even if you don’t know you do it.

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