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02 07 12

Oh grandpa

Here’s a little news for you.

A while ago, my grandpa fell and broke his hip. He got that fixed and all, and is currently rehabilitating in some old-people’s house. Obviously the hospital and places for rehabilitation aren’t all that fun to be in, but we went to visit him today, and you know it’s sort of taking its toll on him.

He was really happy to see that I came and visited as well, but when I asked about how he’s been doing it’s not all that happy an attitude anymore. He still has trouble walking, it hurts and all, but he’s sort of managing? He walked a short distance today, so that’s good.

But yeah, seeing him down like that got my mom, and in succession, me down as well. My moods already weren’t exceptionally due to feelings and shit, but bleh. He just needs to get the hell out of there, I think he’d recover much faster if they’d just let him go home again.

~ Fang


  • 03/07/2012 (2:57 PM)

    Aw, hope he gets better soon.

  • 03/07/2012 (12:50 PM)

    I feel you. When my Dad got into an accident a couple of years ago, he wasn’t feeling too happy with his long stay in the hospital. But it was needed, and he was safer there.. with him recovering and all..

    I hope your Grandpa feels better and starts walking okay asap. And if it makes him feel better that you visit him, then do it often. :)

    take care, Fang. :)

  • 03/07/2012 (10:33 AM)

    I know what you mean. My gran was in a rehabilitation place for a while there but asked to get out and now is doing much better back in her own house.

  • 03/07/2012 (8:38 AM)

    I wish your Grandpa a speedy recovery.

  • 02/07/2012 (10:46 PM)

    It’s safer for him to be in the hospital place if something goes wrong, or he falls down. I hope he does start walking better properly soon though and gets home. Just keep visiting him :)

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