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11 07 12

Monster Pulse

I can no longer not make a post about this. Seriously.

So I recently found out about this web comic, Monster Pulse. As described on the site, it’s about a bunch of kids whose organs have transformed into monsters. For example, the protagonista’s heart turned into a large and strong monster, capable of lifting heavy objects (the heart is one big muscle, after all).

Now, now, it sounds a bit corny when I put it like that, but there’s a lot of backstory going on in regards to how that “monstrofication” works and all that. It’s made for all ages though, so nothing really deep or complicated, but it’s still a very good read.

The art style is… unique. It isn’t exactly the prettiest in my opinion, but it works, and I think it fits the comic pretty well.

I haven’t caught up yet, and I fear the day I do, since it’s a mon-wed-fri update schedule, I believe. Seems a bit slow, since I’m literally tearing through the chapters right now.

Strong recommendation you all go check it out, it’s lovely so far!
~ Fang


  • 11/07/2012 (10:27 PM)

    Never heard of this comic. I’ll definitely check it out. It does sound interesting.

  • 11/07/2012 (10:07 PM)

    Maybe I will check it out. I do love some webcomics. I found one that was so good I actually stopped reading it because I didn’t want to run out of new comics. That doesn’t make much sense I know, but it did at the time.

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