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[devving intensifies]

In my eternal quest to keep myself well-fed, I discovered there are still fish sticks left in the fridge.

By golly, guys, fish sticks! I didn’t even hesitate to get them out of there and into the frying pan. Before I knew it, the cute little guys were tanning like tourists on a beach in Spain.
Non-jokes aside, one thing on the package caught my attention. They recommended I got a bun and some veggies to make a fish stick burger.

Half-assed as my food stock is, I didn’t have any buns at hand. Eh, got to make it work with slices of regular bread, then.

I plundered the refrigerator and found a tomato, half a cucumber, and some lettuce. I sliced the first two, and cut the latter up into manageable chunks. Threw the fish sticks onto a slide of bread, the vegetables on top of that, and closed it all up with another slice of bread.

fish stick sandwich
Alternate angle here.

Now now, I know it’s nothing really special, but if anything, it’s a good start, right? I’m still having trouble getting things nice and crispy without also going black on all sides, but once I get the hang of that I can move onto more advanced dishes.

To sum up,

  1. Prepare your fish sticks as instructed on the package,
  2. Find any vegetables you think go well on a fish stick sandwich,
  3. Possibly add sauce of your favourite kind,
  4. Throw it all between two sliced of bread, or put in on a bun, and there you go!

See y’all next time!
~ Fang


  • 10/07/2012 (3:53 PM)

    Looks yummy! Although we call fish sticks ‘fish fingers’ over here. I love in a sandwich with just tomato ketchup :D

  • 10/07/2012 (1:32 PM)

    Are these the same as fish fingers? If so, then I’ll pass lol!

  • 10/07/2012 (5:35 AM)

    That looks… I would say tasty but you know I only eat white bread and frankly I can’t stand fish sticks. As for not having them turn black, remember not to fry them at the highest heat because they will burn on the outside while the inside will probably be raw. This goes for everything.

    I really love the pictures though, you’re doing a good job with your new camera. :’DD.

  • 09/07/2012 (8:08 PM)

    You fry them? I always put them in the oven. Oh well. They do taste nice in bread though.

  • 09/07/2012 (8:07 PM)

    That might be the only way I would ever eat fish sticks.

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