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31 07 12

Google Fiber

So, Google is launching their own internet service provider: Google Fiber.

If you just want the internet connection, that’s a one-time 300$ fee for getting the cable work done, and 0$ per month for the internet itself. That’s right, zero Dollars. Free internet! Imagine that!

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Some of you may have noticed, yesterday I said it was my 20th birthday. In all honesty, it was my 18th!

The idea was brought to me by lovely guy Mark, who lied about my age in his blog post in which he congratulated me. I thought it would be fun to not correct him and continue that trend, so there you have it, a small prank was born.

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As most of you probably know by now, today’s my big day!

My 20th birthday already, phew. Times sure have, uh… Well, no, not really, it was only a day ago that I was 19 and a day really isn’t that big a difference. I’m not one for birthdays. Though the parties and all are nice, I still find it odd we only celebrate my existence once a year. Y’all should be worshipping me 24/7!

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Got to love it.

First things first though. Comments on yesterday’s post were pretty cool. That is, some of you wished me a happy birthday, even though I only mentioned it, and clearly stated it wasn’t actually yesterday. Don’t come at me with the “in advance” thing either, because you know I put up a post every day, no exceptions.

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So, my parents just parked their car in our street. I’ll get back to this post after the formalities are over.

The glorious three weeks of freedom have passed, and it’s back to the regular, hectic, everyday life. Already talked with my mom again about finances and shit, since I’m turning 18 coming Sunday and I’ve got all kinds of things to pay and such from there on out.

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