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03 06 12


Z is for snores. Produces when reading a post Fang didn’t know any proper content for.

Today was sort of uneventful. Played a bit of guitar, did a bit of coding (damn, I really should find a better way to make my code less chaotic ’cause right now it can sometimes be hard to figure out whether something has already been sanitised or not and where I should be getting my variables from and oh dear :C ), and derped about in general.

And then at the end of the day, when I’m writing my blog post, I remember things that I could’ve done.
Even worse, they’ve been there as sticky notes at the top of my screen all day.
God I’m stupid sometimes.

Back on the topic of snores, I’ve been sleeping lengthy times lately. But hey, that’s what comes with seas of time, right? The freedom to sleep in ’til 1PM and then go to bed at 2AM because you didn’t feel like sleeping earlier on.

I really should do the thing where I mess with my sleep schedule so that I only need a 20-minute nap once every 4 hours. Yeah.
~ Fang


  • 04/06/2012 (3:05 PM)

    I actually don’t like daily naps. I feel like I have been hit on the head after them.
    Yea, getting up late messes up the whole day. It becomes less productive. Hate it when I do that, yet I just did that today!

  • 04/06/2012 (9:09 AM)

    Aww I’m sure you’ll get into a good sleeping schedule soon. I tend to stay up later now too what with having no uni in the morning lol. Guess it’s just natural!

  • Jay
    04/06/2012 (1:45 AM)

    I find that a short nap in the middle of the day can do wonders. :)

  • 03/06/2012 (10:22 PM)

    Dude no, don’t mess with your sleep schedule. Well, not like that anyway. Though you are perfectly allowed to do anything you want actually. Even mis-spell “whether”. I AM A HUGE GRAMMAR NAZI.

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