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23 06 12

Rate your life

Okay, let’s get a neat little social experiment going here.

I want you to rate your life, on a scale of one to ten, decimal allowed. Leave your answer in the comments. On top of that, I thought it might be useful if you add a few short comments about how it’s been so far and the current state of affairs. If you want to, that is.

And no worries, I won’t secretly send your data to some official research group. I may, however, display the final average and a few special cases in the next blog post. If you want to remain anonymous (since comments are publicly published), I understand that. Prefix your comment with “[anonymous]” if you wish to stay as such, and I won’t publish your comment. It may still be used in a post, but without a name or anything, so that should be fine, right?

It’d be cool if you all could participate in this. Please be honest with yourself!

Rate your lives blogoheroes, let’s see how well you live up to (or over) the average!
~ Fang


  • 24/06/2012 (3:42 PM)

    First time commenting and I’m already participating in a social experiment. An excellent way to break the ice… ;)

    Life (in my own bubble) is 7/10. If we include all the world’s problems then it’s perhaps 4.5/10.

  • Jay
    23/06/2012 (11:53 PM)

    you first. :)

  • 23/06/2012 (9:54 PM)

    Life’s a bit of a rollercoaster.. I could be a 9 one day then a 6 the other but as it stands right now I’m quite happy and busy so I’d rate mine a 8.8

  • 23/06/2012 (9:47 PM)

    Uh, well.

    Considering all those 4-5 year-olds doing way better at my hobbies {programming, gamedev, electronics, playing drums, drawing, psychokinesis, _insert_anything_else_thats_fun()} and me being already 23 years old with barely any achievements .. I feel below the average.

    I seriously want to help the mankind, but often feel as if I’ve already missed the bus.

    On the other hand, I’m really happy with my life even though perhaps it’s not as colorful as the lives of some other people. But it’s okay because I’ve been kept away from trouble and harm.

    All in all, 8/10, I guess.

  • 23/06/2012 (9:27 PM)

    4/10. I realized today that if I had cancer I’d be happy and I wouldn’t want to fight to live. I’d just lay back and accept death. But I still have some things to live for.

    • 24/06/2012 (10:21 PM)

      Seriously? Are you for fucking real?

      And also, do you not see how contradictory that comment was?

  • 23/06/2012 (8:20 PM)

    I say my life is pretty good atm. Say a 7/10?

    I don’t have a job, my own home or much money or independence so those are where I lose 3 points.

    The 7 points include the fact that I’m relatively healthy (i.e. my condition is under control), Paul loves me, I love him, I’m on my summer holidays, I finished my first year of uni which I hope I’ve passed, I can drive, my pets and family are safe and sound and healthy, I’m in no trouble with the police, I’ve no outstanding bills etc

    So yeah… pretty good so far

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