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25 06 12

Pokemon Conquest

I just played this game for a while, and it’s… pretty cool.

For those of you why have no idea what Pokemon Conquest is all about, it’s basically Final Fantasy Tactics meets Pokemon. You play as a Warlord, and can expand your army by recruiting Warriors into your team. Conquer other nations by defeating the Warlord and army of that nation. Other nations can also attack you, so be careful!

Haven’t spent too much time with it yet, but first thoughts are: what the what is this.
The game mechanics are a bit confusing at first. Moving a single person (which apparently is a small army on its own) to another allied nation costs an entire turn (in-game month) for that person. Okay, sure, I can live with that.
But then they come with this: buying something from the shop with any given character takes an entire turn. Seriously? For real? Ugh what.

Also every Pokemon only knowns one move. I can see where they’re coming from, and wouldn’t have done it very differently myself, but I was a bit disappointed by that.

Other than that the tutorial is a bit vague, since it isn’t really a tutorial. New features when introduces aren’t giving much explanation, so you’ll have to waste turns figuring that out for yourself.

But in the end, warfare is surprisingly easy. Didn’t do any grinding at all, conquered four nations consecutively. Enemy nations ain’t go nothing on the numbers and variety of my army!

So far, I’d say it’s pretty much “baby’s first SRPG”. The mechanics take some getting used to, but the strategy part is (so far) rather lacking in difficulty. It’s nice to see this kind of spin-off for the Pokemon franchise though. Not that the main branch isn’t strategically oriented or anything (assuming we take WiFi features into account), but come on, Pokemon warfare!

Barely any of my readers are into Pokemon, but eh, felt like posting about this anyway.
~ Fang


  • 27/06/2012 (12:18 AM)

    I haven’t played any of the spinoffs

  • 26/06/2012 (10:16 AM)

    I loved pokemon as a kid but never played any of the games. I doubt I’ll be playing this though as I deteste strategy based combat games lol

  • 26/06/2012 (6:38 AM)

    My girlfriend might be interested in this. She’s a semi-Pokemon fanatic?

  • 26/06/2012 (12:22 AM)

    Actually I do love Pokemon. At first I thought it didn’t sound much like a Pokemon game, but now I do think that really it sounds like how a Pokemon game that is in this style would be. Pokemon games are still seen as kid/teen orientated, so I wouldn’t expect too much strategy to be involved. However, a turn being used when you just buy something is “HUH?!?”

  • G
    25/06/2012 (11:36 PM)

    A month to buy something from a shop….sounds like they based it on my wife’s shopping habbits

  • 25/06/2012 (10:21 PM)

    Is that the thing that looks so fucking awesome with the samurai-style characters and everything? Imma hafta get my paws on that sometime. Or actually. It’s not for Wii is it? D:.

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