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13 06 12


We covered Lugaru yesterday, so it’s only fitting that we cover its younger, yet much stronger brother Overgrowth today.

Overgrowth is the sequel to Lugaru, and is currently still in its alpha stage. It features the same main character, but goes by a different storyline with a lot of new characters (amongst which a few playable ones), has an improved and expanded combat system with a new engine running under the hood, and has a whole lot better graphics (duh).

We talked about Lugaru’s amazing combat system yesterday. There is no such things as health points. Instead, health is determined by the skeletal structure inside the characters. What kills you in real life kills you in-game. Snap someone’s spine and they’ll die instantly, and a few slashes from a sword may cause them to die from blood-loss.
So, what is there really left for Overgrowth to improve on there? Apparently, A LOT. Combat now features amazing new moves, such as breaking someone’s neck, and new ways to block or reverse incoming attacks. A lot of new weapons such as spears and bow and arrow will be added, too.

On top of all that come the beautiful new graphics. Because of the high-paced fighting Overgrowth can’t afford to lag, so the graphics are not the cream of the crop, but they are most definitely noteworthy. Everything looks amazing and the animations in fights look really good and really smooth. A lot of attention has been paid to detail, too, such as the way the bushes rustle when you walk through them.

The new storyline should be noted as well. We don’t know a lot about it right now, but you will be able to make some choices that will affect the storyline of your playthrough, and a lot of new characters will be involved as well. I think we can expect quite a bit of playtime from the story-mode!

Overgrowth is still in the alpha stage of its development, but it already looks and feels amazing. Currently you can only really play and create maps, but with the good mod-support and the large community it has behind it, there are thousands of custom maps for you to play, and quite a large amount of mods to play around with as well.

If you pre-order it now for thirty Dollars, you get access to the game while it’s still in development, as well as the weekly updates and everything else to come. It runs on any platform (they recently added Linux support, hurray!) so there’s really no stopping you from buying it now. What are you waiting for?

Also I get to know whether I graduate or not tomorrow. OH BOY
~ Fang


  • 14/06/2012 (8:16 AM)

    You’ll graduate, no question there.

    Also, obligatory arrow to the knee joke.

  • 13/06/2012 (10:31 PM)

    YOU’LL GRADUATE. Then Overgrowth will reward you with it’s awesometasticness.

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