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Guys. Guys! Holy shit guys! This day. This very day! uwu

So yeah I got called sometime after 2 PM today. “MARK, THIS IS YOUR MENTOR SPEAKING” Well not really, but something along those lines. She congratulated me, because hot damn, I fuckin’ graduated!
That’s right. I’m leaving this dreaded place (and separating myself from my buddies old pals) and moving into the big bad adult world now!

It’s not that I had expected anything else, but it still feels like a relief. It’s all official now. Also really happy that my best bro graduated as well, which he himself wasn’t really expecting. Most people have graduated, but one of my friends needs to re-take an exam in order to pass. That is, if she does it well this time around. Everyone, please pray for her (or just root for her if you aren’t religious)!

graduation flag
That’s my bag hanging on that flag! Why? It’s a custom over here to do that when you graduate. I have no idea why, and I’m not normally one to abide by customs and traditions, but whatever.

Ate cake, drunk a celebratory beer with my dad, ate pizza, and received a camera. Wait what? Yes, my parents had anticipated my graduation and got me a really nice Canon Ixus. It doesn’t have a touchscreen like theirs has, but has a lot more features and is way smaller, too. The thing’s amazing! Filmed my mom waving in super-slowmotion, and the way in which the skin on her arm flapped about was hilarious. I’d upload it, but she isn’t really okay with that, obviously.

So yeah, expect to see some photography-related posts from me one of these days! A friend’s coming now, we’re going partying obviously, so I’ll see you all tomorrow! (I’ll get my list of grades tomorrow too, exciting!)

And congrats to anyone else who graduated. You did well!
~ Fang


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  • Jay
    15/06/2012 (2:43 AM)

    congrats!!! woohoo!!!

  • 14/06/2012 (8:53 PM)

    Congratulations once again on graduating :) I can understand the bag on a flag thing, but I wonder how you get it there, and how you’re supposed to get it back. IF you’re supposed to. It’s a rather ingenious way to get bags to the poor though. Just wait until it falls off on it’s own, or they find it, and they’ll think the bag fairy has left one for them. The camera sounds pretty damn cool too. I’ve only ever had one digital camera, but it didn’t do anything awesome like that.

  • 14/06/2012 (8:47 PM)

    Aww congrats! I knew you’d do it :)

    And that’s awesome about the camera! Enjoy indulging in photography now lol

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