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12 06 12


In 2005, Wolfire Games released the hands-on-combat game Lugaru. Now, seven years later, I bring you word of it.

In Lugaru, you play as an anthropomorphic (human-like) rabbit with insane fighting skills named Turner. After everyone in his village was brutally murdered he sets out to take revenge on the supposed perpetrator. However, Turner soon finds out how corrupt the rabbit republic is, and learns that nearby wolves are posing a threat that could be devastating for the entire island!

Okay, so it has a nice storyline, but that isn’t where Lugaru shines. And neither are the graphics. Okay, we’re looking at a pretty old game here, but it still isn’t exactly stunning. Then what makes it worthy of all the praise it’s gotten?

Lugaru features a unique and powerful combat engine. First of all, the controls. You don’t need to learn a ton of weird key combinations to do some proper fighting. In fact, most of the controls are pretty logical. However, due to the high-paced combat, perfectly countering every punch the enemy throws, is still a really hard feat and it takes practice and time to even be able to spar again a decent enemy. But once you got the hang of the controls, the especially brutal combat is all the more satisfying.

When I say combat I don’t mean throwing a bunch of random punches and watching your enemy’s HP go down. Oh no no no, that’d be stupid and unrealistic. In Lugaru, when you kick someone in the back, you can snap their spine, causing them to die instantly. Sure, you can pummel someone to death, but you’ll inevitably take a few hits yourself, and it’s a lot cooler just sneaking up behind someone and slicing their throat before they can react with a knife you stole mid-combat from another enemy!

If you’re still not convinced of Lugaru’s epic battle-style, take a look at this video:

Now be warned, Lugaru has a pretty steep learning curve and is not meant for the faint of heart. Taking on multiple enemies like that is not something that’s easily done, as they won’t hesitate to have one of them kick you down, and have the other finish you off before you even get the chance to get up. Enemies with weapons are especially dangerous. A few well-placed slices with a sword and you’ll quickly bleed to death. If you can dismantle them and take their weapon however, the tides take an extreme turn in your favour!

The game costs ten Dollars, which really isn’t too much. However, I can understand it if you’re not willing to pay that “much” for such an “old” game. Hell, I’d be fine with it even if you pirate it, because really, it’s an extremely good game with one of the, if not THE best combat system around, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun. However, if you do pirate it, and you like it, promise me you’ll pre-order Overgrowth!

What’s Overgrowth? That’s a topic for a future post!
~ Fang


  • 13/06/2012 (8:40 AM)

    It has been sitting in my steam library for quite some time from a humble bundle(the first?). I feel ashamed for not getting around to play it.

  • Jay
    13/06/2012 (5:02 AM)

    Looks very different, but I anticipate that the knife throw will be used a whole lot.

  • 12/06/2012 (9:25 PM)

    You commented in an email, and now I just did. Because I can. I haven’t played Lugaru but everything I saw in it’s development looked great.

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