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05 06 12

It’s stupid.

So many things are. But first the fun stuff.

Had a pretty decent day today. Half of it was spent doing chores around the house and solving problems that didn’t even exist for my job. Yeah.
Luckily, the other half was spent at my best pal’s house, playing guitar, poker, and all other kinds of things. Great times, as always.

But then the other part. Boy am I in for an ass-whooping when I wake up tomorrow.
Basically scolded the living snot out of my little sister today, because she still can’t take an answer for what it is without moaning and bitching on and on and on. Actually she’s turning all kinds of tiny things into huge problems, and it’s not something I am really willing to handle after a long half day of doing chores and shit.

So apparently I was supposed to help her with her paper (she delivers papers around the neighbourhood for a job), but I forgot because I had so many other fuckin’ errand to run, and she didn’t ever mention it so yeah.
I’m at my pal’s, mom texts she came home (she was gone for a few days), and since I expected me to not be home for a while, I called her to give her an update on what I got done and so on. And then suddenly “yeah but I also heard some less good things.” Well fuck.

So she raged at me for not helping lil’ sis with her papers. Like what the fuck she never told me. (Oh yeah before this she texted me she had told me while I was on the phone with dad. Most useful reminder ever, right?) So yeah, mom really tired and utterly disappointed. Which sucks, because her dad (grandpa) broke his hip a few days back and she was at his place for a few days to help him and grandma around the house. Yeah.

I should stop ranting. It’s about midnight.
~ Fang


  • 06/06/2012 (10:27 AM)

    Why are you doing your sisters job. Do you get a cut from it or something?

  • 06/06/2012 (1:10 AM)

    It’s never too late to rant. You have a fair argument here. So I’m on your side, and not just because I want your babies. She should have reminded you more, or at least in a better way.

  • G
    06/06/2012 (1:09 AM)

    Sisters can be a real pain in the ass…sorry to hear about your grandpa hope he gets better soon

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