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Really Stupid Injury

We just finished watching it today it’s just so good I can’t even.

Also we (Bien and I) had a little feud over wether or not Roy’s pimpstache looks good on him, or men in general. Pimstaches are cool, don’t mess with ’em. (Though I can see where she’s coming from with the “moustaches are gross” thing.)

So yeah my day was basically spent watching FMA:B and eating things. No regrets ever.
It’s just such a good series really. Political corruption, morals regarding bringing back the dead and creating humans, motherfucking bionic limbs. It’s all so fantastic, epic, and really fun to watch!

So if you haven’t already, go watch it.

And because I didn’t get too much a reply on yesterday’s post yet, I’ll also be asking it here.
Are there any amongst you who would be interested in dirt-cheap webspace hosting (ie you can put up your own webpages) under a domain name?

Let me know!
~ Fang


  • 09/06/2012 (10:22 PM)

    Never watched FMA

  • 09/06/2012 (1:05 PM)

    I’ve heard good things about FMA and because Paul and I are after new anime to watch, I’ll have to check it out

  • 09/06/2012 (9:33 AM)

    Couldn’t get into FMA:B originally because they were treading over stuff already shown in FMA.

  • 09/06/2012 (8:07 AM)

    I’ll pass. I haven’t ever cared for the anime done for FMA. The manga however was good.

  • G
    09/06/2012 (12:01 AM)

    I’ve always intended to get into this as it looks a very cool series.

  • 08/06/2012 (9:06 PM)

    I already answered the dirt cheap hosting question. I love FMA. Freaking love it. I was waiting to watch Brotherhood because I didn’t want to be left without episodes to watch. Now I know it’s done though, I have no excuses. It will be watched.

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