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I actually watched and sat through an entire Apple Keynote for the first time. And I honestly don’t know what to think.

I’ll just be going over some of the highlights and giving my opinions on them. I’m going to be especially focussed on the MBP (Macbook Pro) line, especially the NG MBP (Next Generation Macbook Pro), since I’m planning to buy a laptop out of those lines.

It started off with some statistics and thank you’s for apps and their developers. Nothing grand or anything, but then we got to the interesting part fairly quickly.

Apple has updated their Macbook Air and Macbook Pro lines with newer hardware. They now include, amongst other things, the new Ivy Bridge Intel processors. Sadly, they removed the 17-inch MBP from their lineup.
However, a mysterious challenger appears! It’s a Next Generation Macbook Pro. It has a retina display, all-flash storage, is as thin as the thickest part of the Macbook Air, and weighs a lot less.

After that, they went on about some Mountain Lion features which we already partly knew about, and announced the expected iOS 6. It’s got a ton of cool new features which I won’t be going into, but I will say this: They are dropping Google services from their devices (ie Google Maps), and replacing them with their own. But they also now provide Facebook integration. Talk about jumping from one botnet to another! (Next thing you know they’ll be integrating some porn sharing service or something.)

Okay, so the NG MBP, what’s it all about, and why am I so turn this suddenly? Here’s the deal.
The baseline NG MBP costs about as much as the high-end 15″ MBP I was planning on getting after the upgrade. HOWEVER, due to it being all-flash, it only comes with a base 256 GB of storage, which seems a bit small to me. Oh and did I mention that the storage size on the baseline NG MBP can’t be upgraded? The high-end comes with 512 GB storage though, but that’s 700 bucks more expensive.
The base RAM is 8 GB too. It’s upgradable to 16 GB though.

This all normally wouldn’t be very much of a problem, until Apple decided it’d be a good idea to integrate all the memory into the laptop, so you can’t replace it, AT ALL.
Normally I’d just buy the cheap option and upgrade it myself because that’s 20x more cheap than having Apple do it, but alas, not fucking possible.

I could of course get the regular MBP, but those are thicker, got a really heavy ODD I don’t need, and don’t come with standard flash storage so I’ll have to pay extra anyway. I’d much rather just get the NG MBP and be done with it, but they’re so fucking expensive.

Here’s me waving an angry fist at Apple for doing what they’ve always been doing: making their everything ridiculously overpriced.
~ Fang

inb4 get a pc
Nope, those can’t run OS X in a stable way, and I need that OS.


  • G
    12/06/2012 (8:56 PM)

    I always want to get a mac but I can never convince myself they’re worth the money.
    And after talking myself out of buying on and ending up with a PC – I always think ‘should of got a mac’

  • 11/06/2012 (9:49 PM)

    They already have porn sharing. More than likely. You’re just not looking hard enough. I’m sure your Apple fanboi ways will find ways to make their new stuff work for you.

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