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‘sup y’all I’m back! Yesterday’s post was a scheduled one. Got you all tricked there, didn’t I?

We went to a party a couple of people threw, as a fun final get-together of our current year of students. Only ~15 showed up, bit it was incredible nonetheless. Arrived at ~9, music was already playing. (Hostess lives on the countryside, so no neighbours to tell you to keep it down!) Played table tennis for a bit, talked, etc. etc.

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Those who read yesterday’s post know that I’m a bit scared of next year, what with the whole going to a new school thing and whatnot.

It’s true, I really quite am. I am in no way looking forward to the next year of school. Entirely new place with entirely new people. That’s not a setting I very well thrive in. Some of you have said I’ll be fine since I’m very sociable and all, but that’s because I have great friends here. I have a feeling that making new ones isn’t going to be the easiest of tasks.

But first we have an awesome summer holiday coming up, including three weeks of home-alone and a trip to Sweden (hi Sophia)! And of course, not to forget the many time I’ll be hanging out with friends, having a great time. Might as well make these last few months count!

I think that may make the hit of “haha your friends are all over everywhere and you lost every-day contact” worse though. I mean sure, we’ll be emailing, chatting, and coming over to each other’s places often (or at least I plan to), but it’s just not going to be the same.

Ranted about this way too much before as well, so I’ll cut it off here. It’s just… it’s all so close now. It’s all so real all of a sudden.

Where the fuck are my lemons I could totally go for a lemonade right now.
~ Fang

Graduation ceremony was today, and boy was it hot and sweaty, all those people crammed together!

As some of you may know I was going to give a short speech… and I did! I was one of the two brave young men who were daring enough to do one. Mine wasn’t exactly long, but got many “aww”s and applause from the audience. Seriously guys, that certificate is cool and all, but your friends are worth a thousand times more!

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I’ve continued work on secretproject [Library Edition]. It’s fun again!

Had the thing gathering dust for a while, even though I plan on having a fully functional version soon. I got… distracted by things that are not important at all. Yeah, that’s me.
But now that I’m back on track, and finished another chore, I can focus on the fun side of it again!

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Hot damn guys, get this: Samsung makes home appliances.

This is probably old news to most of you, but the Samsung Refrigerator is an actual refrigerator. I found out about this yesterday, and my mind was blown by the number of home appliances they make. I always thought “Samsung Refrigerator” was a codename for some new mobile phone or something, hell if I knew!

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