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26 05 12

Twenty things

As Leah, Mark and Hazel did, I am now going to do the thing where I say twenty things which I wouldn’t usually dare say.

Disclaimer, before I get started. I’m pretty much diving into this head-first, with no real idea on what to say and whatever. Not only individuals but also groups of people will be addressed. It’ll be things I’m either not brave enough to say, don’t say out of politeness, or just generally don’t want to show how I feel or whatever. (Or things I have said, but not very implicitly.)
…this may or may not get me in bits of trouble here and there, but balls to it, you only live once anyway.

  1. You guys… I’d ask you to not go, but we should all move on so yeah. Just, you mean so much to me.
  2. Don’t act like you haven’t given me a really rough time a few years ago, and don’t act as if I’m your friend.
  3. Have a bit more faith in yourself. It’s sad to see you all negative sometimes.
  4. The situation may be shitty, but keep your head up. There’s good things in life and you damn well know it.
  5. Stop being so self-conscious. It’s really stupid to see a person of your level of amazing be like that.
  6. You’re getting on my nerves, A LOT of the time. I know you’re often doing it deliberately too. One day you’re going to go too far and bad things will happen.
  7. Be responsible, you guys! Don’t act like a bunch of average teenagers, you’re way smarter than that!
  8. Get things done. If you don’t do it now, you may never do it.
  9. You’re a brilliant, clever guy. Hope you break through one day!
  10. You guys are bros for life.
  11. I don’t know if I properly expressed myself or if you fully understood or anything, but I still has a bit of a case of the sads.
  12. People should seriously stop asking. It’s already getting me down, all the questions aren’t really helping!
  13. I wish I could do more to help you than just stand by the sidelines and shout supportive commentary and bits of useless advice.
  14. Thanks for the compliment, but I’m still afraid it won’t go that way.
  15. A thousand times sorry for just leaving like that. I think the place is dead beyond saving though, and I lost interest anyway.
  16. If you don’t have plenty of stuff for me to do the coming two-three months then you’ve got a pretty angry HoD on your team.
  17. Maybe something could work between us?
  18. You’re being a stupid fanboy who doesn’t know his facts from his fantasy. Stop it, it’s embarrassing.
  19. Things went pretty stupid back then, but it’s still a shame it didn’t work out I think. Meh.
  20. No worries. We’ll pull you through, even if that means giving up parts of our own lives. If we can do anything to help it, we’ll make sure you don’t end up in some shithole!

Okay well fuck. Twenty was a lot to come up with, and it’s really quite the wall of shit there. Not even half of it is relevant to all my readers combined, but hey, who cares really.

Guesses as to which ones (if any) are aiming at you are always welcome, they’ll probably be hilarious.
~ Fang


  • 28/05/2012 (9:19 AM)

    I’m sure this isn’t aimed at me, but #8 “Get things done. If you don’t do it now, you may never do it.” could work for me since I usually tell myself “Why do today, what you can do tomorrow”.

  • 27/05/2012 (9:04 PM)

    Hmm.. Well, I hate to presume things, it makes me feel vulnerable to ridicule, I guess.
    But if I’m honest (and not counting what I read in Mark’s comment and your reply) I guess… Well 1 is definitely (probably) for me in part, and maybe 3? Maybe 5, maybe 8, hopefully 10, and… I guess that’s it. 16 is for your employer.. I kind of wonder about 6..
    And there’s also some others I might be guilty of (ie 12, 14) but I frankly don’t remember.

    • 27/05/2012 (9:28 PM)

      1, obviously. 3 not intended but fits I guess. 5, yeah. 8 not intended. 10, yeah, as far as female bros are called bros. ;D Correct at 16, 6 is my little sister (lol). 12 is not you, neither is 14.

      …confirming your answers to these is kind of counter-productive innit.

  • 27/05/2012 (6:06 PM)

    I have no idea who these could be about lol

  • 27/05/2012 (12:04 PM)

    Number 8. OUCH! Okay, okay!

    Hmm.. I wonder who number17 is. :)

  • 27/05/2012 (1:37 AM)

    (too lazy to switch my account sorry)
    and 5
    and 6.

    • 27/05/2012 (10:45 AM)

      6? You serious? That’s stupid you don’t ever get on my nerves.

  • 27/05/2012 (12:21 AM)

    Well my guess is 17 is for either me, Sabine, or Sophia. 20 is Bien. 3,5,9 and 13 seem to be for us as well.

    • 27/05/2012 (10:48 AM)

      20 isn’t Bien. You’re correct on 3, 5 and 13. 9 wasn’t aimed at any of you but I guess it applies as well.

    • 27/05/2012 (8:58 PM)

      Oh definitely on the 17 one. We’ve got him all figured out. x’DDDD.

  • G
    26/05/2012 (11:09 PM)

    you should write a random advice generator based on these

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