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18 05 12


Is at an all-time high right now. Of all the times to have it, I have it now.

It goes without saying that I should be studying my ass off, especially with that shitty physics exam coming up. I am studying, just not as much as I should. Instead, I’m being more creative and productive than ever!

It’s not a secret (it should be, but it isn’t) that I’m hard at work on a secretproject, and I’ve got a couple lined up, too. One’s already being planned, the other, just toying with it in my head, nothing special. It may just be the next big thing though, keep your eyes peeled.

…I really should make a list of secretprojects I’m running, just to keep y’all teased.

Anyway, point being, now that I don’t really have the time to do fun stuff and be actually productive, I suddenly am overly productive. Been spinning out code like crazy the past week, and secretproject [Library Edition] has already come a long way. I hope to have it enter a private alpha, if not beta, son after the exams, and have the thing itself actually be launched sometime during summer break.

But none of that is really in your interest anyway, so you shouldn’t care wether I tell you what it is or not. (Though I do have two or three readers who may possibly be interested, I think.)

…Thinking wether or not I already posted about this earlier, of if that was just in an email. I get those things mixed up waaay too often lately, it’s not even funny anymore.
~ Fang


  • 22/05/2012 (12:21 PM)


    I was like “wait have I read this post? ohno that was the e-mail.”

  • 20/05/2012 (9:54 PM)

    I remember reading about this new secret project before, but you haven’t revealed any details about it yet.

  • 19/05/2012 (9:38 AM)

    Hmm.. Whether you tell us/me or not, I’m still curious. I’m intrigued by this “secretproject”…

  • 19/05/2012 (6:39 AM)

    Hey! Secret project people unite! I’m working on a few things myself. :P

  • 19/05/2012 (1:20 AM)

    You being confused is always funny. Silly Fang. Being productive is good, just make sure that productivity goes to the right things, such as studying.

  • 18/05/2012 (11:12 PM)

    well u need to channel your powers into what is important at the moment

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