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16 05 12

New situations

G’day all. I’m doing too much coding and too little learning lately. Trying to change this, but hmm, hundreds of lines of code and dem huge tables. $lt;3

In any case, I want to talk about new situations today. The undiscovered, the stuff you have not yet experienced, where you don’t always exactly know what to expect, or what may come to surprise you.

Those of you who know me will know I’m usually pretty confident in my step. The same sort of goes for new situations, too. But that’s when I’m with friends, which we can view as a controlled environment.
However, when I’m doing something new all by myself or with people I barely know, things get a bit scary. Scary isn’t really the word I’d use, but I can’t find a better one. The whole situation is suddenly more intimidating: I don’t know shit, what to expect and how to handle that. It gets me a bit nervous.

Sure, in the end, nothing goes wrong and I learned a bunch of new things, but still. This is also one of the reasons why I’m not particularly looking forward to going to college. Sort of have to push myself into that though. Can’t be living the life of a scaridy-cat for all those years to come, now can I?

Stay strong!
~ Fang


  • 17/05/2012 (4:31 PM)

    New situations are scary, especially when you’re alone. Now coming from a self-imposed loner, you’ll be grand at college. You seem like a sociable chap who likes people so you won’t be alone for long. I bet you any money you’ll make new friends instantly

  • 17/05/2012 (6:21 AM)

    I know the feel. But you’re a better person for it in the end.

  • 17/05/2012 (1:58 AM)

    Well you CAN but I don’t really recommend it. I’m with you though. I’m not that good with new situations or new people. Sometimes to the extent where even when I’m with people I know I have trouble with them. Lousy people.

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