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13 05 12


But first, a status update regarding yesterday’s post.

Thank you all very much for your concern. He’s doing fine now, and is actually getting quite active again. Just as with last time this happened, it’s mostly over a day after some terrible incident. Lucky, I guess!

Today’s post is about learning. You learn something new every day, wether you like it or not. Learning is pretty much the process that keeps you growing.
If you can find the time, try learning a new skill once a week/month, and a new fact once a day. This doesn’t only increase your knowledgeability about all kinds of things, but also helps you being adaptive to new situations. You’ll quickly see there’s lots of relationships between different skills and the ways in which you learn them. Learning how to always keep your balance may help you in playing sports, and learning a foreign language helps you with learning the next one!

Speaking of learning, finals start tomorrow.
It’s finally starting to sort of dawn on my that HOLY SHIT I GOT FINALS! I’m slowly starting to stress over it, though I know I shouldn’t. It’s just Dutch tomorrow, and then I have the rest of the week off. Still, there’s a real need to achieve here. I can’t fail now. I don’t plan to, but ugh, the possibility is always there. ):

But as I said, and others too, it’s going to be a walk in the park. We’ll be making this happen!
~ Fang


  • 17/05/2012 (4:31 AM)

    Now that I think about it, I stopped learning new skills ages ago. I better start learning soon or I’ll get rusty when the time comes.

  • 14/05/2012 (9:35 AM)

    It is good to know that he’s better. :)

    That is so true. We learn everyday. We learn new things. I remember Mark’s guest post.. “Learning is something that goes on all through your life. it doesn’t stop at school.” :) That’s a good idea. “Learn a new skill once a week/month.”..

    Well.. again. Good luck with your finals, Fang. :)

  • 14/05/2012 (9:24 AM)

    I wish I had more time to learn what I want to learn and not what I’m forced to learn.

  • Jay
    14/05/2012 (5:21 AM)

    Good to know about your dad. :)

  • 13/05/2012 (8:39 PM)

    Well if you fail you can always learn to work in a fast food place.

    Okay that was a dick move.

    I learned that.

    Learning is awesome though. Never underestimate the power of knowledge.

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