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12 05 12

K then

Rather unpleasant experience today.

My dad’s been feeling a bit sick lately, and spent most of today in bed. He came out of bed and went for a shower while I was in my room, doing some coding. Suddenly huge noise from the bathroom, as if something fell over. My mom and me both scurry over to the bathroom door, knock, ask if he’s there, no response.

Lucky, he hadn’t locked the door, so we opened it and there he was, lying in the shower cabine, unconscious.
Fucking shit.
My mom tried to get him back to consciousness again, I hurried for the phone and called 112, the alarm number. By the time the call came through he was already half-conscious again, and soon after he was fully awake.
Bit of blood in his mouth, he bit a piece off of his tongue.
Mom helped him get dressed and whatnot. My room is next to the bathroom so I could hear them talking.

He lost consciousness again, snapped back in, “why couldn’t you just let me sleep”. He knew he had fainted though.
We called the doctor’s office, they said he was just sick and he should take four full days of rest before trying stuff again.

Pfffff that shit was scary, having your dad laying motionless like that. He’ll be fine though, I think.

In better news, 6.5 for practice Dutch exam I made.
~ Fang


  • 14/05/2012 (9:30 AM)

    Whoa. That was scary.. I don’t know what I’d do if something like that would happen to my dad. o_O I’d just cry.. I think. You see, we don’t have a home phone, so we can’t call anybody. And the best thing.. I think.. is to try to wake him up. If everything fails, I’d drive him to the nearest clinic/hospital.. which is about 8km away. Oh, please no… :(

    Hope your dad feels better, Fang..

  • 13/05/2012 (12:08 PM)

    Holy shit, what happened to him? Keep us updated, I hope it’s nothing too serious.

  • 13/05/2012 (8:44 AM)

    Glad he’s alright, that would have freaked me out

  • Jay
    13/05/2012 (1:33 AM)

    wow, i hope he gets better, man.

  • G
    13/05/2012 (12:27 AM)

    Glad to hear he wasn’t seriously hurt in the fall…hope he gets better soon.

  • 12/05/2012 (9:46 PM)

    Man I hope he is okay. Fainting is never anything good. Hopefully rest is indeed all he needs.

  • 12/05/2012 (7:11 PM)

    Wow that would be scary! Glad he’s okay though and that all he needs is rest!

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