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Snappity snoopity!

But first let me rant about the support team of my current host, ’cause it’s hilariously stupid.

Okay, great support. That’s what my initial thought were. They reply much sooner than anywhere else (usually in 3 hours), which is a giant plus. However, as I’ve found out, their replies are pretty stupid, mostly ripped from the on-site FAQ, and sometimes don’t even answer the question I asked. Due to that, multiple emails are often needed to solve a single tiny problem, which takes more time and really isn’t that handy.

IN OTHER NEWS, today’s post.

I find it fun to sleekly imply things in one way or another. Just a small quirk of mine. The fun quickly disappears if people don’t notice, but sometime’s it’s better that way I guess.
Also people implying someone else’s opinion doesn’t have any value should just shut up.

…Thought I’d be able to get more out of this, but that’s all I can come up with right now, really.

Ahwell, better luck next time!
~ Fang


  • 12/05/2012 (11:42 AM)

    >Implying that customer support is helpful in any way.

    I once called the customer support for my ISP because my internet keeps disconnecting every now and then. They asked me if my modem is ON, DUH! Then they asked if I tried turning the modem OFF for a few minutes then ON again, DUH! Then they concluded that maybe my computer is infected with a virus. I dropped the phone and switched ISPs immediately. I never had the same problem again.

  • 10/05/2012 (12:02 AM)

    Hmm there is a lot you could get out of implications. But the first bit still fits in with the post. You’re implying that your support is really bad. I like implying things myself. Sometimes the things I imply are better off not being caught too.

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