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08 05 12

Have fun

Especially when you’re in stressful times, it’s important to remember to take a break and have fun every now and then.

A fresh from the oven example here. As you know, finals will be starting in about a week from now, and it’s all pretty stressy. Failing isn’t an option, really. So everyone’s feeling a bit stressed, wether they know it or not. Not the best time to be in, right?

I just got an email, asking if anyone’s up for watching a movie at her place coming weekend, in the spirit of “something different than studying”. Amazing, great plan, good fun! It’s times like these that little get-togethers like those are needed the most, so good on her for organising something like that.

In other news, I’m terribly disappointed by my new host right now. Ah well, it still offers more so I’m not one to complain, really.

See you guys around, and remember to enjoy yourselves!
~ Fang


  • 22/05/2012 (12:04 PM)

    Whoa, I think I feel kind of belatedly left out. :/.

  • 09/05/2012 (5:50 PM)

    Have fun? That’s really hard for me to do right now. It seems like I’ve fallen in love with PSO2 so much that after the Closed Beta ended I’ve been checking their official website every 15 minutes for news about the Open Beta.

    I’m glad that you’re having fun though.

  • 09/05/2012 (8:39 AM)

    I tried to relax during finals. But the best way for me to relax is to just get it over with it seems. :P

  • 09/05/2012 (8:29 AM)

    I just watched the fourth Underworld movie. It was soo lame. -__-

  • 09/05/2012 (7:26 AM)

    Gotta always live life as if we were going to die tomorrow. :)

  • Jay
    09/05/2012 (1:34 AM)

    have fun! ;)

  • 09/05/2012 (12:38 AM)

    You’re a big brave boy, you can get through your finals. I know the importance of having fun, and I try to do it. You should organise a pony party, and get all your friends hooked. But you said you won’t watch ahead of Sophia, so booo.

  • 08/05/2012 (8:42 PM)

    I know what you mean, it’s good not to study ALL the time. That’s a really nice idea that your friend had and I hope you enjoy yourself!

    I wonder what you’ll post about once all your exams are finished lol! :P

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