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User-inspired slogans!

It’s personal blogpost time!

Also God help me, the “good gravy” opening is way more fun to use than legally allowed in most countries.

Another sidenote (made before the post has even started, what’s up with that?), I did a post for the extra month of A to Z yesterday. On a Sunday. Normally, the rules wouldn’t allow that. But screw the rules I have… no money, no green hair. Uhm… MOVING ON.

I did a Dutch test exam today, and I scored a nice 6.1 (out of 10). Made it in a third of the time you get, and checked it fairly strictly, so that went pretty well I guess.
Planning on making another for tomorrow. I haven’t decided on a subject yet though. Physics, perhaps? Yeah, physics. I haven’t really made a test exam for that subject yet anyway.

Other than that I haven’t really done that much today. I looked up solutions for multiple problems I’m having. One of them is waiting for an answer from my host’s support team right now.
Bet none of you know a reliable way to check the amount of pages in a PDF file without using Imagick?

I’ll be off for now. See you guys tomorrow with (hopefully) a more substantial post!
~ Fang


  • 09/05/2012 (5:55 PM)

    Good gravy indeed. Your title reminded me about how I love gravy. I mix them with rice everytime I eat fried chicken. Yummm~ fried chicken…

  • 08/05/2012 (12:39 AM)

    Good luck with physics, I know that isn’t easy I can barely pass my physics tests

  • 07/05/2012 (11:29 PM)

    Well you could always open the pdf file >_>. If you remember right my original rules were that there would be no days off. A-Z all the way until the 26th of May. I really need to say “good gravy” more. I also need to eat more good gravy. You got a pretty decent test score there. I would suggest testing yourself on things you aren’t so good with, and knocking those up a bit.

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