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21 05 12

Finals 2/7

Wow holy moly plate full of macaroni everything went surprisingly well!

You’ve, without a doubt, heard me bitch about physics for the past couple of days. How I was screwing up so badly, and really wasn’t looking forward to the exam and all. Well, I think a God does exist now, because my fears were mostly unnecessary.

Indeed, I’m heavily implying physics went really rather well. If I checked my answers correctly, I’ll be getting around 54 out of 77 points, which is nothing like what I had expected. This should net me a grade between 6.8 and 7.8 if nothing crazy happens.
To think I was scared of that, go figure!

I believe it’s all downhill rolling from here on. Maths coming up tomorrow, bet it’s going to be a piece of cake. Didn’t study too much. Practiced a bit, still knew most stuff, okay good.

Also, it sure is summer in here. Humid, hot, ugh. It’d better cool down soon.
~ Fang


  • 23/05/2012 (3:04 PM)

    Congratulations! But the princess is in another castle. You think that’s the last time you’ll hear about Physics? Think again, bub!

  • G
    22/05/2012 (12:14 AM)

    Well done!

  • 21/05/2012 (9:08 PM)

    I told you you’d do just fine, but you should have studied a bit more for maths. Bad Fang.

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