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04 05 12


Not the ones you have when you go to sleep, but rather the things you wish to accomplish.

Personally, I think everyone should have their fair share of dreams they’re willing to chase after. Set goals, aim high, and live your dreams! Why is this so important? It keeps you moving. And constantly taking steps forward is a vital part of life, right?

Your goals don’t need to be big? For example, wanting to help a stranger is a pretty admirable dream way too little people have these days. Dreaming bigger is cool too, though. If you’re a great artist and you want to have your work displayed in a well-known museum, then go for it! Keep improving your artistic skills and one day you’ll get there, one day you’ll be living the dream!

Not to mention the sense of satisfaction reaching a personal goal gives. It’s best to have others ready right after though, otherwise you’ll just be standing there, “what now?”

Do you have any big dreams you want to live someday?

Also, planned semi-downtime in a few minutes from now. Please bear with me!
~ Fang


  • 06/05/2012 (11:04 AM)

    I’m still looking for my dream. It’s kinda hard to live everyday life with no goals in sight. I always end up doing things blindly and lose my motivation for every second that pass.

  • 05/05/2012 (3:55 PM)

    I don’t really have that many ambitious dreams. All I want to do is get a good job so I can provide and support my family – another dream of mine.

  • 05/05/2012 (1:34 PM)

    As bad as it sounds I don’t have any huge dreams, I’m pretty content with my life and I like to live it one moment at a time. Simple pleasures for simple minds haha.

  • 05/05/2012 (12:30 AM)

    I think my current life ambition, and the one that’s most likely to stay one, is to become a psychiatrist. I have smaller goals though, such as losing weight. It’s good to have dreams, especially a full life ambition. They can keep you going.

  • 05/05/2012 (12:22 AM)

    Dream, make a ton of money and then do a whole bunch of stupid things with said money.

    Also, was going to comment on everything looking weird. But then I saw the downtime message. :P

  • Jay
    05/05/2012 (12:16 AM)

    dreaming is why we keep on living. btw, only text is showing up on your blog, no graphics, fyi.

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