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26 04 12


Wow still sort of slightly drunk here. Totally unlike me, but whatever, I had fun.

One of the things taught to me by hanging out and chatting with certain people is that women, in modern-day society, are still portrayed very differently compared to men. It’s kind of stupid really, because it’s pretty much baseless. I feel a small rant coming up now, so please, beware.

Though in lots of countries and cultures, women are now treated as equals to men (about damn time), there’s still quite a few that see them as tools, objects of lust, etc. etc. As you probably know, I tend to want to be the gentleman, and as one, I just don’t like seeing this happening and/or continuing on as it is. In some arabic countries, women get stoned to death for cheating on their husband, whilst that fellow most likely doesn’t treat her right and cheats on her with plenty of other women, too. It’s ridiculous, and stuff like that needs to stop.

HOWEVER, (yes there’s another side of the coin here,) women also need to stop pressing on “yeah bluh but that’s because I’m female” and blah blah blah. It’s mentions as those that slow down the equal-rights process, I believe. It puts the spotlight on the difference we still define, instead of the rights women already gained (and should’ve had in the first place). Besides, by constantly bitching about how you wanted to be treated equally (yet don’t want to do x or y because that’s a man’s job) it just stupid, and will put the whole “female rights etc” movement in a bad light.

Not saying they aren’t right. I mean, seriously, people are people and should be treated equally regardless of race, culture, gender, or any other way in which they may be different, but being the hypocrite about it isn’t going to help you there. Still, you deserve the same rights as everyone else. Fight for them!

Got to get up early tomorrow, amusement park trip with the people doing finals this year. Yay!
~ Fang


  • 28/04/2012 (12:36 AM)

    In general, I agree with you, as you know. I actually thought the whole “Chicks expect dudes to pay for dinner!!!” was bogus slander to use against the so-called feminazis, but it does appear that some women are actually like that, and if they don’t understand that they are actively working against everything women’s rights movements have accomplished I will be very sad.

    Although I advise you to be careful about the whole gentleman card. Kind as it may seem, it’s also a bit condescending. Of course, the rights of any group, be it gender, sexuality, race, or religion, are dependent upon the respect of and interaction with all other groups, but phrasing it that way can make it sound as if women’s rights are dependent upon whether the male population are “gentlemanly” enough to think that’s cool and allow it. Supporting equality isn’t being a gentleman. It is meeting the minimum standards of a decent human being.

  • 27/04/2012 (1:30 AM)

    Here’s hoping you aren’t hungover. There are two sides to every story and I don’t think anything you’ve said is wrong here. I just don’t see it happening much, even if that is the way to true equality.

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