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13 04 12


Lazy as I am, I’m not going to think of a different topic, despite me having covered this a while ago too.

Lentation, from the sound of it, is pretty awesome. It’s basically you bringing yourself into a heightened state of focus, concentration, causing adrenaline to rush through your body wilder than ever thus resulting in your perception of time slowing down.

You know those moments when you accidentally drop your expensive new smartphone, get the “oh shit!” feeling, and quickly move your arm to catch the little bastard? How did you get so fast? Adrenaline boost caused by something unexpected, scary happening. Lentation revolves around that moment, and tries to prolong it.

Now now, I haven’t practiced it yet myself, and of course it’ll take quite a while to get decent results out of it, but think of the possibilities and uses for this! Because you’re basically a lot faster, blows in combat hit a lot harder, wall-jumps become easier, and your overal agility and evasiveness increases threefold!

I’ll definitely have a go at practicing this when I have the time (after exams. Give me two months), and of course I’ll keep you all updated when I do. Here’s the only guide on it I’ve found so far. There isn’t much real information on it that I found either, so I’m still a bit sceptical, but hey, can’t dismiss it as false until you’ve rigorously tried for yourself, right?
I’ve read it may cause some bodily problems due to the high adrenaline levels and whatnot, so it’s best to stay careful. Also don’t be stupid and speed-punch a wall or something.

What do you think? And who’s with me for trying this out?
~ Fang


  • 14/04/2012 (4:27 PM)

    I agree with Sophia lol

  • 14/04/2012 (10:43 AM)

    Good luck with that. I suppose it’s possible, but I can’t see it happening unless you train with a bald monk in a mountain monastery first.

  • 13/04/2012 (8:54 PM)

    It does sound awesome, and there are people who can willingly enter that state, but yes it can be dangerous if used to excess. However it could be a handy as balls skill to possess.

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