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06 04 12

Friends > family

Funny how I always go out of my way to make sure the post also starts with the day’s letter, eh?

Let me try and make this post quick and to the point. Damn tired, and going out partying tomorrow night, so need to stock up on my energy.

To me, friends are way more important than family. (We’re also talking relatives, aunts, uncles, etc here. Not just close family.) Frankly, I don’t think I could possibly care much less about how my aunt or nephew or whoever is doing. I don’t really know them, and am not interested in doing so.

I understand my parents want to visit their brothers and sisters every once in a while (though I wouldn’t mind not doing so later, don’t get along that well with my lil’ sis), but they don’t have to drag me along really. And why are they that interested in me? (Aunt, no, I don’t want to kiss. I said no- oh god please stop licking my cheeks GOD DAMNED HOW OLD AM I AGAIN)

But close family, too. Sure, my parents are pretty cool folks, but I’d rather hang with my friends than with them. I can see where they’re coming from, me being their son and all, but I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND WE CHOSE EACH OTHER and I just kind of got thrown into my parents’ life and vice versa. Not saying I don’t love them, it’s just not that brotherly love me and my friends share. Besides, they have a lot more in common with me than my parents do, so yeah.

Also lil’ sis, ugh. How can I be expected to “love her” when she’s a huge bitch most of them time, and she’s turning into the kind of person I’d usually avoid knowing? Sure we live in the same house, but that doesn’t mean we should be best fucken pals smooching all over each other.

Blood relatives are weird. Soul relatives are much, much better.
~ Fang


  • 08/04/2012 (3:47 PM)

    I agree. I know it’s not just I who feel like my friends know me better. I keep secrets from my mom and my sister but all of my friends know them. Haha. And me and my friends went to high school together and experienced the same growing process, so of course we would be closer to each other and would have a lot more in common. You’re right: we choose our friends; we just got our relatives because we’re out of luck.

    My sister can be annoying so often, but she’s sweet sometimes and I’m sure you too will find a way to appreciate your sister someday. Maybe I’m not so sure. =]

  • 07/04/2012 (7:10 PM)

    I get what you’re saying :P Though my cousins are actually my best friends too so that’s really cool :D

  • G
    07/04/2012 (6:02 PM)

    I used to have a similar outlook on the friends and family thing…however as I’ve got older I’ve found family becoming more and more important…but then I still hang out with the same guys I did when I was 11

  • 07/04/2012 (2:35 PM)

    I don’t have any friends and I don’t talk to my extended family so… yeah.

  • 07/04/2012 (12:06 PM)

    What I’ve never understood is how you can be expected, have it demanded of you even, to love somebody who could be absolutely anyone just because you happen to have some ancestor in common. And then be washed with guilt when you DON’T. :I

  • Jay
    07/04/2012 (6:22 AM)

    i find that some of the most annoying relatives are actually the most helpful….some…not all…

  • 07/04/2012 (12:31 AM)

    I dunno my friends can be pretty annoying lol

  • 06/04/2012 (9:51 PM)

    Ugh. You get dragged along and get to experience all of the *awesome* “Just look at how BIG you’ve gotten!~”s >,>. It’s awful.

    And yes, I get fed up with my close family too. All of the time. All of it.

    Bahahaha like us friends of yours are all like best fucken pals smooching all over each other. x’D (imagining Niek and Antoine… OMG THE MENTAL IMAGES GET THEM OUT GET THEM OUT.)

    • 07/04/2012 (12:40 AM)

      I’m too busy imagining you and Fang here, but I have no clue what you look like. This is getting weird. As for family Jessie knows me a lot more than most of my family, and my sister has even admitted it to her. I don’t know my family that well much either. Sometimes I want to do something about it, and sometimes I’m not sure anything can be done. But I’m reminded of the song Homies.
      If you weren’t blood, would you still have love?
      Or infact does the blood make you think you have to love?
      Look I probably love my family more then anybody here
      But my homies are family too
      I consider Jessie closer to me than most, if not all really, than my family.

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