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30 04 12


Zero-point energy would’ve been the topic for today if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m still not very well acquainted with its details, and couldn’t be bothered to look them up.

Zoology, the part of biology that concerns itself with the animal kingdom, its structure, the species within and their attributes.
I personally see it as the field that tries to catalogue all the different species, their subspecies, shared ancestors, mutated branches, and so on and so forth. It’d be very interesting to see a complete A to Z catalogue of all species of animals, alive, extinct, or expected to become real, and how their bodies function, what special traits they have, what the relations are between said species, and how they all function in the bigger picture.

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Wow hey it’s Sunday already, and the month is almost over, too. How time can fly sometimes…

This was the last real week in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, actually. We just got Z to wrap it up on Monday, and that’s that then. As per request of the Challenge, I’ll be posting more detailed thoughts and opinions on May 7th.
Let’s throw the weekly index in here.

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28 04 12


Yet another post partly sparked by a series of emails with multiple people.

There’s so much things wrong with the youth and their culture these days. Youth criminality rates on the rise, amount of underage kids getting brought in for alcohol poisoning is insanely high, and kids these days often aren’t as nice as they should be. Morals and stuff, you know.

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27 04 12


Xylophones would’ve been a cliche for the letter X, and couldn’t think of anything but this, so here we go! BUT FIRST, a public service announcement.

You might’ve noticed we had some MAJOR downtime today. I woke up, saw the transfer was complete, so I wanted to scurry over and upload all my stuff. HOWEVER, a bit of waiting time was required for the file upload thingy to be at the ready, and I didn’t have that time (great day at amusement park today, thanks all!), so I set it up and left before it could finish.
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26 04 12


Wow still sort of slightly drunk here. Totally unlike me, but whatever, I had fun.

One of the things taught to me by hanging out and chatting with certain people is that women, in modern-day society, are still portrayed very differently compared to men. It’s kind of stupid really, because it’s pretty much baseless. I feel a small rant coming up now, so please, beware.

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