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You probably heard me talk about her before, that friend for whom I played in a few short films. She’s going to be presenting her works (those with me as the star, but other works too) tomorrow, and hopefully she’ll get admitted to that school. She really should, ’cause she put a hell lot of effort into this. (Yeah sure, all people do, but she’s one of my friends so she deserves it more.)

To give her judges an alternative way to look at thing, she asked me to put it all into a neat little website. Sure, of course I’m up to that task!
Her idea was to have her head in the middle, and have it look at your mouse and all kinds of fancy doo-dads when you clicked on shit, but the only way I could think of that being accomplished was with really complicated scripting or using flash. A no-go.

So she threw some styles my way, mostly grunge and steampunk and whatnot, and I think I managed to come up with a pretty decent end-result. (Note: you need an up-to-date browser that isn’t Internet Explorer or something else shitty, and a fast internet connection may serve you well, too.)

Thing is, she has a HD monitor, with rather high pixel-density, and supposedly the folks who’ll be judging her have those too. But since I could never be sure of any exact sizes, or even guess them for that matter, I had to make a heavily dynamic website.
God almost nothing in this thing is defined in pixels. Everything is in percentages and percentages of percentages, and then there’s calculations going on with those percentages too.
Long story short: it’s ultra flexible, though a bit buggy on some displays. Also I haven’t tried viewing this in IE yet. Shit’s going to be hilarious.

Opinions? Is it even displaying for you correctly? Try Google Chrome, it shows everything the way it’s supposed to be.
~ Fang


  • 21/03/2012 (10:34 PM)

    Works fine in Firefox. :)

  • 21/03/2012 (10:20 PM)

    Looks Great, but why did you use H.264/mp4?
    It’s actually only for chromers and people on safari…

  • R
    21/03/2012 (2:29 PM)

    That’s cool man!

  • 21/03/2012 (1:10 PM)

    That site is actually pretty awesome! Well done :)

  • 21/03/2012 (8:15 AM)

    It is so cool that you know how to make this stuff! Future in a box.

    (Also Dutch is hilarious. Stroom? Not even sure if I want to look up what it means, it’s funny enough the way it is.

    And there you are in the film folder. Grinning away.)

  • 21/03/2012 (7:43 AM)

    using chrome and it displays fine
    I just hope those images are optimized
    I once did a quick website for a school project and once I loaded it up on the professor’s mac for a presentation it lagged like a motherf*cker

  • Zyu
    21/03/2012 (2:45 AM)

    Looks good, works on Firefox as well.

  • G
    21/03/2012 (1:32 AM)

    awesome work…looks great, but then I use Chrome all the time.

  • 21/03/2012 (1:22 AM)

    Oh my God I love the website. But I love Steampunk designs and that does look fantastic. You did an amazing job there Fang mah boi. Best of luck to your ladyfriend!

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