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Hey’all! Before I jump into my diary entry about today, there’s something I want to show you.

Remember that post ~three days back, about me “reading” books? It started like this:

I didn't read books I used summaries.

If you go to the comments there, you’ll find a comment made by a very clever and observant fellow, followed by a complimenting reply from my side:
AllenTesch is a bit of a moron.

Poor bastard. Let us all take a moment of silence, and pray that his illiteracy may be cured as soon as possible. Such a handicap seems impossible to live with.

Cynicism aside, the first real day of the test week (today) went rather well. Physics was a breeze (though I still have no idea what the hell is up with radians, and pulley mechanics is a bitch), and the biology practical exam was just downright stupid. Don’t think I answered all of the questions too well, and the fake urine we had to research was shit. Took me about 7 goddamn tries before I spotted some weird dots. Focussed the microscope, saw tiny circles, and came pretty damn close to exclaiming “YES, CIRCLES!”, knowing I had finally found blood cells, or at least stuff that looked like it.
Nope, the fake people from whom the fake urine was collected weren’t too healthy.

Got tomorrow off, yay! Might get around to doing the soundtrack storywriting thing I mentioned yesterday, a lot of you seemed to like the idea. No promises though, ’cause I also got a bitching chemistry test on Friday.

~ Fang


  • 29/03/2012 (4:50 PM)

    Well. We know not to get on the wrong side of you now don’t we? lol!

  • 29/03/2012 (8:06 AM)

    Lol. Physics blows my mind completely… good job.

  • 29/03/2012 (12:31 AM)

    So you do respond to comments, but only if we insult you or come across as retards? Well I don’t really want to insult you so here goes…

    HURR DURR Biology practical did you do anatomy? Herpa derpa derp.

    Seriously though good luck with your next tests.

  • 28/03/2012 (9:20 PM)

    You can do it! You can own the chemistry test’s pert behind. I believe in you. :’D.

  • Anonymous
    28/03/2012 (9:02 PM)

    Cool, good luck with your physics test man. But why don’t you just write 1/3 instead of 3/9??

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