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Spent all my creativity today on writing a guest post for Mark, and all of my energy at school and at work just now. Bluh.

But that’s not why we’re here today. I found this little gem only a couple of hours back, and I’m already madly in love with it.

SketchBox is a sticky-notes application for Mac OSX, much like the default Stickies, but much richer when it comes to features and flexibility. For example, you can easily include images or other media in your notes.

And here it is, one of the coolest features yet, you’re able to doodle on the notes, or even take a screenshot and use that in your sticky note! Once you switch back to text-mode, it becomes a semi-transparent background image, so it’s really convenient for organising and sorting your notes if you’re not into colour-coding stuff.

Also, it has an alarm feature! You can set it to have an alarm go off after x days, x hours and x minutes. Really convenient if there’s a deadline you have to meet!

Along with that come the basic things such as being able to pick a color for the sticky, or font style and all those basics. Nothing special.

One pretty big con though is that it’s no longer in development, and it’s got some compatibility issues with Snow Leopard (though I haven’t found any yet). For those of you running Lion it may not even work, but it’s worth a try nonetheless.

Check it out, and hope I helped you with this! (Windows users, don’t be sad. ;D)
~ Fang


  • R
    16/03/2012 (2:36 PM)

    Interesting informations!

  • 16/03/2012 (8:06 AM)

    mac is poop :P

  • Zyu
    16/03/2012 (2:19 AM)

    Haha, why would Windows users be sad when we already have sticky notes?

  • 16/03/2012 (1:21 AM)

    Nice post!

  • 16/03/2012 (12:45 AM)

    I am a Windows user and I am sad. I can buy real post it notes though. Fuck technology!

  • G
    16/03/2012 (12:42 AM)

    Cool – I just wish I was rich enough to afford a Mac

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