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Did this little “use a random number generator, match number with theme, and write short story” thing yesterday. My theme/word to work with was “curse”.

To be honest that doesn’t really show that well, but it can be interpreted as such. Also, my tenses are all over the place as usual. Fucken time shenanigans.
Without further ado, here it is. Enjoy.

It was a day like any other, yet unlike anything most people have ever experienced. I put a bowl of leftover tomato soup from the night before in the microwave, set it to two minutes, and pressed start. I honestly couldn’t be bothered making much better a breakfast. Not that I didn’t already know this was what I would be having this morning, but hey, one can act, right?
Ping. I took out the bowl of now warm soup. Well, warm, more like luke-warm, but it had to make do. Couldn’t be arced to wait much longer.

As I sipped my bowl of red warm juice I thought back to last night. The dreams had a weird feeling to them, and sometimes I felt like I was influencing them. Perhaps that was the reason for the absurd high amount of unlikely accidents and disasters happening? Or maybe this was a sign their link to the real world was fading, as if my burden was finally being lifted? I hoped so, but knew this was highly improbable.

The silence accompanying my thoughts was disturbing, so I turned on the radio. Some song from the 90’s had just ended, apparently. What was that? Breaking news? Sure, fire away.
‘Only minutes ago a volcano has erupted in Central Europe. We do not have any specifics yet, but it came highly unexpected, seeing as how there has never been any volcanic activity there. Expected death rates are already well in the millions, and plane traffic across all of Europe is being suspended due to the gigantic ash cloud. We’ll bring more as it comes.’

This news didn’t come unexpected, yet it still hit me pretty hard. Up ’til now the dreams had only predicted probable, every-day-life kind of accidents and disasters and whatnot. I knew I was going to get hit by a car when I first rode my bike, I knew my dad was going to be involved in a plane-crash, and I knew Japan was going to get hit by tsunamis. It’s always been like that, and whenever I tried to warn people, or change that future, it’d end up exactly the same as I dreamt. Never would it stop, never would I dream normally. Always the visions, showing me my future. Always the god damn visions fucking with my mind.

But that last one was different. A certain feel of control over the situation, yet still passively watching it happen. Perhaps I could’ve intervened and this would never have happened? Ugh, I’m probably just overthinking this.
We’ll see how the day progresses, and wether or not my dreams have lost their accuracy. No way in hell that train will come flying out of nowhere.

Later that day, it happened. As I was about to cross the street to reach the local grocery store, people stopped walking and, soon after, pointing at the sky. A few people started yelling hysterically and quickly ran away from here. I looked up at where they were pointing and, seemingly out of nowhere, a long object came falling down from a rather high altitude. It approached quickly and right before it landed only a few meters away from me, I saw what it was. An old train.

There, that’s all for today. Next part’s tomorrow. (Also I had the weirdest deja vu while putting together this post.)
~ Fang


  • 14/03/2012 (8:02 PM)

    Can’t wait for the rest of it!

  • 14/03/2012 (3:59 PM)

    cool story bro

  • Zyu
    14/03/2012 (1:53 AM)

    I love moments where I get deja vu, especially when I can recall the moment from a dream.

  • G
    13/03/2012 (11:26 PM)

    nice start to the story…look forward to part 2

  • 13/03/2012 (11:21 PM)

    How the fuck does a train fall out of the sky? Though dude, I am loving this.

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