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Ahyup, you read that right. Not even a customer at my current host for a year yet, and I’m already looking into switching.

Current situation: 30 Euros (39 Dollars) a year for a domain name and web hosting. Web hosting is Linux-based and includes 1GB of disk space (+1GB for every full year you’ve been a customer), unlimited bandwidth*, Perl, 10 MySQL databases, and other basic features such as FTP access, et cetera.
* Every month, the average bandwidth usage is measured. This amount, times 10, is the amount of bandwidth you are allowed to use. If this month’s average is lower than last month’s, last month’s average will be used. (aka the max will stay the max until it’s increased)

Possible new situation: 65 Euros (84 Dollars) a year, paid by month, for hosting (not sure if this also includes a domain name yet), Linux- or Windows-based (obviously picking the former), 150GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 25 MySQL databases, multiple FTP users, custom PHP settings, Cron Jobs, a broad scala of programming languages, and a huge library of software.
Oh and 40 Euros (50 Dollars) worth of Facebook Ad Credits.

tl;dr I pay ~2.25 times as much for way more feature-rich hosting which is, looking at other companies, dirt-cheap. Still, 65 Euros (84 Dollars) a year is a lot of money compared to what I’m currently paying, and I’m not too sure wether that’ll be worth it.
I could always go for the Economy Plan and have the yearly costs drop to 37 Euros (48 Dollars), but that plan’s missing some things I’d love to have.

And maybe I’ll have to pay domain name costs on top of that, too. Hmm…
~ Fang


  • 10/03/2012 (4:21 PM)

    I have no idea what you’ve just said lol!

  • 10/03/2012 (4:28 AM)

    I used to have Verizon Internet but I switched to Comcast those are the 2 most popular provides in the United States

  • Zyu
    10/03/2012 (2:10 AM)

    If you’re making enough from Adsense to pay the costs then I’d say go for it.

  • 10/03/2012 (1:12 AM)

    At least you know to keep shopping around. I probably would have stuck with the pricier one just because I didn’t do my research.

  • 10/03/2012 (12:10 AM)

    If you need the new features that much, and can afford it, then I say go for it.

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