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Mainly focussing on Twitter here, though I’d say this applies to most social media.

There’s this Dutch account I follow on Twitter. They used to have great, funny things, mostly related to “modern x”, “x” being cities, roads, et cetera. (“Broadbandway”, for example.)

They gained more following rather quickly, and soon lost their spark. Nowadays they mostly blatantly translate popular tweets (often the ones retweeted by @toptweets) and post them as if they were their own. Images, too. Sure, it’s still good content, but what the balls happened to original content?

This has been bugging me ever since. I also contacted them about it. Got told that he doesn’t “have any good idea, and I got a team of people making tweets for me.” And “nobody except you complains about this, so deal with it”.
Okay, you got a lot of followers, and a team working for you, so that means you can be the hotshot and not care about shit? Piss off, asshole.

I always find it frustrating how people just copy other people’s stuff, and get away with stealing their fame. Fuck, I could get rich off of Mark’s poems if I wanted to, but I don’t. Why? It’s a dick move is why.
No idea why this annoys me so much, why I care so much and even try to change this at times. Perhaps it’s that something similar happened to me in the past? Nothing major, some guy used one of my tiny little scribbles in his YouTube videos, but it still sucked balls that he was getting all positive comments and I was there like “… D:”.

Kind of feel like making a similar account to theirs now and just blatantly re-using their tweets without giving credit. Or make a bogus account or something, I don’t know. Justice seems in place here, though a justice-bringer’s life is a hard one.

~ Fang


  • 24/03/2012 (10:24 AM)

    That is a douche move indeed. Give credit where credit is due guys, geez.
    (And although I understand the desire for revenge, don’t bother. The internet is a scary place, even for the L3G1SL4C3R4TORS.)

    • 24/03/2012 (4:52 PM)

      The internet isn’t as scary as it used to be though. Seen my share of shit already. ;D

  • Zyu
    24/03/2012 (2:52 AM)

    It’s probably because it’s so easy to just copy and paste content over the Internet.

  • 23/03/2012 (9:38 PM)

    A justice bringers life is indeed a hard one, but if I can’t get rich off my poems then you can’t either.

    • 23/03/2012 (10:38 PM)

      You’d be surprised to see what nifty tricks I can come up with.

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