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Before I go ranting again, thank you all for the nice comments on yesterday’s post. Really motivating to keep going with that!

Anyway, I’m here to rant, once again. And, again, on fanbases. One really fucken stupid on in particular. Yeah, you saw it coming, you guessed it, the Apple fanbase.

God, those annoying elitists, thinking they’re better because they got an expensive computer, and defending their lovely company no matter what position it is in.
Allow me to elaborate.

Example. Last night, piece of news on TV on how Apple, among other companies, have their hardware produced for real fucken cheap in Chinese factories where the conditions are bad and people get paid a single buck an hour, tops.
As soon as that got on, my dad went all “yeah but other companies do that too so what, Apple most likely doesn’t even know”, and then soon after one of the dudes on TV said something along the lines of “do you really think Apple doesn’t know of this?”. Truth be told, there is no way they can not know about this, especially not since it’s already been on the news tons of times before and they still haven’t moved a finger. My dad still defended Apple, the idiot he is, clinging to his precious company like it’s his dear life.

Also terrible: Apple Store recently opened in Amsterdam. Awfully hyped, it was. People who went there (and that was quite a fucken lot I tell you) got free Apple t-shirts with some shitty pun or whatever on it. Okay cool, but seriously, travel all the way across the country to go to the opening of some store? Crazy-folks.

And then there’s the bashing of anything and everything non-Apple.
Situation sketch, was talking to a friend, when she told me she couldn’t simultaneously upload a Word document to SkyDrive and open it on her computer. I said it was weird, since when uploading it shouldn’t be writing anything to the file. Said something along the lines of “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, MICROSOOOOOFFT” and then she went on a really short tirade which wasn’t actually a tirade, saying “like Apple and Pages and such are that great”.
My rage. All of it.

Just because I own an Apple computer and an iPod doesn’t mean I’m one of the sick fucks, one of those Apple fanboys. I’d gladly buy anything non-Apple there is, but the OS is a bit of a problem for me. Sure, I can see the charm of Windows and especially Linux, but I’ve literally grown up with Mac OS and OSX, and my day-to-day workflow is so dependant on that OS that switching to something else would be so much of a chore, so much getting used to, that it simply isn’t worth it. Besides I love Mac OSX. Great OS, in my opinion, but when I get a new laptop I won’t hesitate to also make partitions for Windows and a Linux.

Personal opinion on Apple, for those interested.
Shit company. Just look at them being all rich and smug and everything. They played it well though, got to hand it to them. Steve Jobs was a great man, very innovative, but his company, OH BOY.
As we all know, everything is heavily overpriced. Costs for them making a computer are about, what was it, two-hundred bucks or something? They sell that shit for quintuple that price, if not way more. and they actually get away with it. Sure, the usually awesome designs warrant a tad steeper a price-tag, but this is just ridiculous. I could make me the same machine with the exact same or better specs, and save more than half of my money!
Their OS is very well-made though, but I already said that.

No way in hell anyone red all of this. If you did (and you’re HONEST about having done so or not) you may or may not get a tasty chocolate-chip cookie.

See y’all some other day, then.
~ Fang


  • 09/03/2012 (5:05 PM)

    I never had a mac since they cost like 2-3 times a normal PC or laptop with the same system spec would. I mean, why buy a single computer when you can buy more with the same price, right?

  • 07/03/2012 (1:12 PM)

    I want my chocolate cookie.

  • 07/03/2012 (3:56 AM)

    I HATE Windows as an OS. The machines are much better for the price, until you get to the laptops. I don’t care how much I have to pay, I will never give up my Macbook Pro. It’s lasted through so much, and done so many projects for me without failing once. However, Apple’s desktops suck for gaming not even limited to the fact that you can’t natively run many games on OSX but rather things such as Apple’s poor choice of GPU’s and subpar amounts of standard memory.

    Oh well. Computers, what can you do.

  • 07/03/2012 (3:28 AM)

    If I had a mac pro it would triboot with windows and linux thats not bad but someone who has a mac and thinks its the best thing ever is out of his/her mind!

  • 07/03/2012 (2:26 AM)

    It was fairly long but I did read most of it.

    I’m only a fanboy with one company and that’s Valve. And I have plenty of good reasons to defend them to the death.

  • G
    07/03/2012 (2:04 AM)

    If they didn’t spend so much time getting new developers to work on fake projects and introduced a bit of transparency into their corporate affairs maybe they wouldn’t need to inflate their prices so much.
    I am a fan of their phones but a lot of their stuff is over-hyped and now that Jobs has gone I don’t know that they can keep up this rate of innovation….

  • 07/03/2012 (12:17 AM)

    I’ve saw the unveiling of the apple store (on accident) in a nearby mall and people went nuts over it. Seriously it’s macs and iphones, calm down people.

  • 06/03/2012 (11:07 PM)

    you caught me on not reading the whole thing I only read the last parts…. but for my honesty i expect at least 2 chocolate-chip cookies!

  • R
    06/03/2012 (9:40 PM)

    So true!

  • 06/03/2012 (7:31 PM)

    It’s time to start a Twitter war :P But no in all seriousness, I have an iPod myself that I can’t use anymore because the official charging wire is too much, and the cheap ones are bad, and I lost one of them. It’s good you’re able to use Apple products and not be sucked into that mindset. My brother is an Apple fanboy. It’s not the most shameful thing he’s ever done, but it’s still pretty close.

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