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Had my Dutch oral (cut it with the dirty jokes already, it stopped being funny a long time ago) today, went pretty okay. 6.8 (out of 10), good enough.

So I guess that was my first test this test week, even though it hasn’t even started yet? It starts on Wednesday, for those of you that haven’t been following.
Eh, I could’ve planned it in the test week, but shit would get even more hectic. Already got tons of things to study anyway.

Also I checked my grades today, and apparently our computer science teacher finally put the grades for the practical exam online. FUCK YES 9.4
’twas quite shitty a website. Well actually no the design kind of failed, but damn, the backend was strong. We probably were the only ones who used PHP, so yeah, CA-CHING. Average of 7.7 now, which when rounded off results in an 8. That’s an 8 on my final grades list, with which I’ll be graduating. BOOYAH!

In other news, there is no other news.
~ Fang


  • R
    27/03/2012 (12:19 PM)


  • Zyu
    27/03/2012 (4:59 AM)

    Congrats on your grades!

  • 26/03/2012 (11:48 PM)

    You got a 6.8 for your oral? That’s pretty damn funny. How bad can a person be at oral? But it’s good you got, well, good, grades. Keep at it.

  • 26/03/2012 (8:56 PM)

    GO GO GO!!!
    Also how the fuck such detailed grading scales, our teachers are freaking out about moving from a 3-step one to a 5-step. This country.

  • 26/03/2012 (8:46 PM)

    Lol lol. I have a 9.2 and my average is 7.7 as well. >;].

  • 26/03/2012 (8:10 PM)

    Aww congrats on your good scores! :)

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