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Blood, sweat and tears.

That’s right, the Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2012 will be starting tomorrow!

If you haven’t already, go for a last-minute signup here and come join the fun!
Afraid to do so because you’ve planned nothing? Don’t be, I’ve only got topics thought out for three letters, of which the first one is D. Three days of improvising, I guess!

Actually, not having planned anything yet may be a good experience for some of you. Learn to improvise, come up with semi-decent content on short notice! I know a lot of you plan posts way ahead, write them out, schedule them, and then tweak them over the course of a week before finally publishing. I’m not telling you to do perfect one-takes, but I am telling you to give it a shot. Who knows what good may come out of it?

I think that’s enough preaching for now, and it’s getting late already, so yeah. Better get this published!
~ Fang


  • 01/04/2012 (11:08 AM)

    Good luck! I would’ve taken part but I can just about manage 1 post a week now, let alone one everyday!!
    I never write posts in advance, simply because I don’t have time! I just have a rough idea and make a few notes on what I want to talk about an expand as I’m writing, but planned posts usually turn out more structured and better.

  • R
    01/04/2012 (10:19 AM)

    Sounds nice!

  • 01/04/2012 (9:45 AM)

    Good luck! There was no way I could do this challenge without advance preparation lol!

  • 01/04/2012 (8:50 AM)

    I’m too much of a free spirit to be restrained by challenges

  • 01/04/2012 (8:05 AM)


  • 01/04/2012 (5:07 AM)

    Sounds Good

  • Jay
    01/04/2012 (4:47 AM)

    that’s too much work for me, but good luck to you. :)

  • JDC
    01/04/2012 (3:29 AM)

    Already the first in NZ =) Havnt been a victim of april fools yet so far though.

  • 01/04/2012 (12:34 AM)

    I may publish posts in advance, but since my confidence went down the crapper I don’t even do that anymore, but even when I did, I didn’t touch posts at all. They were always one takes with no editing.

  • 31/03/2012 (10:40 PM)

    Improvisation was not the way for me to go. I did too many stupid things on the internet.
    As you know, I’ll be semi-participating off the grid, at a snail’s pace! Look forward to my genius!

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