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Cycled a lot today. All the way to another city and back. And I still don’t own a guitar.

Okay so first we went to the local electronics store. The few guitars they had started at 180 Euros, which seemed a bit much for a step-in beginners guitar, so we decided to check someplace else. Closest we could find was in a nearby city, so we decided to head there and check what they got over there.

About half an hour of cycling (if it isn’t more) later, we arrived. Had to search for it, but then we found the shop we were looking for. It went broke and had to shut down.
Okay next one, not too far from there. Also shut down.
Tried a third, closed on Mondays.
And the fourth only dealt in organs.

We’re going to try someplace proper coming Thursday. If we don’t score then, I think I may just throw in my wildcard and order the one I saw online. Not extremely comfortable with that, since I can’t test it and feel what it plays like beforehand, but hey, it’s a good enough alternative for a beginner, right?

~ Fang


  • 21/02/2012 (4:28 PM)

    “…only dealt in organs.”

    You should have sold a lung or a kidney or something. Badumtish.

  • 21/02/2012 (10:02 AM)

    Sounds like a good plan. You can return it if you order online right?

  • 21/02/2012 (5:41 AM)

    Bad luck!

  • G
    21/02/2012 (2:13 AM)

    That’s some distance on the bike..

    I kind of wanted to get my page tabs like yours, and can get the CSS to work for Opera, Firefow, Chrome….just not IE. I’m half tempted to just leave it not working in IE as a subtle two fingers to anyone using IE…

  • 20/02/2012 (11:28 PM)

    It should be good enough for a beginner but 180 euros seems a half decent price to me.

  • 20/02/2012 (10:09 PM)

    That’s some bad luck.

  • 20/02/2012 (9:35 PM)

    Better luck next time. Also, I followed you!

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