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I love 404 jokes. It’s not funny enough to qualify as a joke, but hey, the intention is there.

So yeah, guitar didn’t arrive today. I got a message that it was indeed shipped though, so it’ll probably arrive tomorrow. If not, I’ll have to wait ’til Monday. Sadface.

In better news, I found this which I will try to implement soon so that I can properly display code on my blog without having to fuck with the editor like I did a few days back. It has line-numbering and proper syntax highlighting, so that’ll make things a lot neater. I’ll try to get ’round to implementing that tomorrow, if I’m not preoccupied with more awesome things by then.

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23 02 12

Guitar: ordered!

I’ve gone and done it now. I’ve motherfucking gone and done it now!

Just look at this thing. It’ll be heading my way pretty soon. And obviously I’m pretty damn excited about it.

Of course there’s plenty of other really cool guitars out there. I would’ve gotten this one if I had the money, purely because of the colour. But meh, I don’t want anything fancy just yet. A decent beginner’s set is good enough for me right now. In a few years, if I’m still playing an really good at it, I’ll consider getting a real pro-model. But now yet. Patience.

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Just found out about this, and it’s really damn nifty. Let me show you.

You know how making a list using


  • gives you a dotted/bulleted list, right? Like this:
    • List item 1.
    • List item 2.

    Well, ever wanted custom bullets for certain list, but couldn’t go and hardcode them because the content is to be dynamic? Here’s a nifty trick for you.
    For this example, we’ll replace the dots by “>”.

    In your css, select your li and set the list-style to none, like so:
    ul li{ list-style: none; }
    Then, select the same li, apply the :before selector to it, and set the content to the character, in their escaped hexadecimal values.
    ul li:before{ content: “\003E \0020”; }
    003E is the hexadecimal value for the “>” character, and 0020 is the one for a space. Hexadecimal values can be found here.

    And now for the final result, check this out!

    • List item 1.
    • List item 2.

    You may want to move them a bit to the left, so that the added characters appear in the exact same position as the bullets did, but that isn’t too hard.

    Fuck I really should make me one of those proper code-viewer thingemabobs.
    ~ Fang

Spent a big part of the day working my ass off for my job. Missed a deadline already (not the first one), and things aren’t going as smoothly as they should. Still feeling not very optimal either, in both workflow and feelings.

And as I was about to write this post, BLAM, it hits me, somewhere near the second half of March is the deadline for a site for a friend of mine (the same one who’s been filming me for her portfolio), and I haven’t done batshit about it yet. Sure, the design there, in my head and crappily sketched on paper using a pen, but daaamn.

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Cycled a lot today. All the way to another city and back. And I still don’t own a guitar.

Okay so first we went to the local electronics store. The few guitars they had started at 180 Euros, which seemed a bit much for a step-in beginners guitar, so we decided to check someplace else. Closest we could find was in a nearby city, so we decided to head there and check what they got over there.

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