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13 02 12


Okay here have this cool site. Lots of royalty-free music and other great content. Aka free to use anywhere as long as you give credit.

That guy is like, really, really damn good a composer. Not all his pieces are that great, sure, but HOT DAMN are there some really good ones in there. Lead the Way for example. SIMPLY AMAZING. Go check him out, right now. Not even kidding, you really should. He’s bound to have some tracks there which fall into your liking!

I’ve spazzed over other people’s artistic creations before, and, well, trust me, when I do they almost always deserve it very badly.
Hell, he even takes requests for about a hundred bucks per minute of music. That’s pretty cheap considering perfectly fitting tracks are very hard to find when you’re making a short film or game or other project that uses music.

Welp, guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow.
~ Fang


  • 14/02/2012 (10:26 AM)

    Cool, thanks!

  • G
    14/02/2012 (1:33 AM)

    nice tip

  • 14/02/2012 (12:13 AM)

    Not sure if it’s just for me but it’s kind of hard to distinguish the links from the rest of the text sometimes. Cool site though.

  • 13/02/2012 (9:52 PM)

    Yay for free stuff :D

  • R
    13/02/2012 (9:28 PM)

    Thats a great Site for using its Music for YouTube Videos.

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