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The fuck is this?

Kind of ironic, seeing as how I’m hastily writing this blog post before I head out.

Spent a lot of time on my job today again (what is even the correct word-order there, anyway?), so I’m deserving of a nice night with friends and all. Heading out in a few minutes, so as I rounded up and sent a few emails out to customers, my boss pointed out some errors in the mails I just sent. Really obvious and stupid ones, too. Ugh, brain, point those things out when I’m typing them, will you!

Slightly unrelated note, looks like the new Macbook Pros (which I’m expecting to come out in April, and are the reason I have not yet bought a laptop yet (Ivy Bridge, fuck yeah!)) will become more like the Macbook Air. Obviously they won’t lose in power, but they’ll stop coming with HDDs and stick purely to SDDs instead, and it’ll be slimmer, lighter, and in general more similar to the Macbook Air.

I personally find the Air’s design rather ugly, so I don’t hope they copy it entirely. Still the weight-loss is a much-needed improvement, Macbook Pros are rather heavy, and I was planning on getting a SSD anyway, so that’s always good. And HNNGGGG that Ivy Bridge processor, can’t wait!

See y’all tomorrow (hopefully with the audiobook thingemabob then)!
~ Fang


  • 12/02/2012 (5:27 PM)

    I also send things that have very common errors in them. The minute or two it takes to find and correct those mistake is another minute or two of goof-around time I lose.

  • 12/02/2012 (4:57 PM)

    I’m not really a Mac person. but my brother uses a Macbook Air at work and he says “It’s bad ass, sis!!” Oookay, then. :p

    So, how’s the night out with the friends? :)

  • 12/02/2012 (9:40 AM)

    I remember the air pissing people off because of how flimsy it was.

  • G
    12/02/2012 (1:13 AM)

    I always have to get someone to proof read my emails before I send them…its a pain

  • 12/02/2012 (12:30 AM)

    A computer without a hard drive? Are we in the dark ages again? My brothers Mac is very very light, all I know about it is that it’s a Macbook.

  • 11/02/2012 (11:06 PM)

    Not a Mac guy myself but probably good for them that they do some redesign.

  • 11/02/2012 (9:25 PM)

    Switching from HDDs to SDDs? Interesting move for apple.

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