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23 02 12

Guitar: ordered!

I’ve gone and done it now. I’ve motherfucking gone and done it now!

Just look at this thing. It’ll be heading my way pretty soon. And obviously I’m pretty damn excited about it.

Of course there’s plenty of other really cool guitars out there. I would’ve gotten this one if I had the money, purely because of the colour. But meh, I don’t want anything fancy just yet. A decent beginner’s set is good enough for me right now. In a few years, if I’m still playing an really good at it, I’ll consider getting a real pro-model. But now yet. Patience.

I’m planning on doing weekly videos, showcasing what I learned recently, so I can track my progress and you guys can see how I’m doing too. And of course the occasional cover video, too. Wha’d’ya think?

There’s plenty of cool soundtracks and stuff I’m wanting to play too, but most of those are really hard to find tabs for. Hopefully after some practice I’ll be able to play ’em at least semi-correctly just by hearing them, but accurate tabs are always nice to have.

It may arrive tomorrow. It may arrive the day after. I don’t know!
~ Fang


  • 24/02/2012 (8:09 PM)

    You should’ve gone with a Gibson Les Paul!! You might have to sell your Wii, avoid eating for a while, or use your lifetime savings because of the price but at least you’ll have one super awesome special guitar.

    Also, you better not back down from those videos you mentioned.

  • 24/02/2012 (10:21 AM)

    It looks great!

  • 24/02/2012 (8:34 AM)

    Still looks pretty good though. Post videos when you can!

  • 24/02/2012 (4:40 AM)

    Awesome. Congratulations!

  • 24/02/2012 (2:30 AM)

    Nice I hope it arrives quickly!

  • G
    24/02/2012 (12:57 AM)

    Cool move…

  • 23/02/2012 (11:45 PM)

    I couldn’t see what guitar you got but I’m liking the idea of you posting videos. DO EET.

    • 23/02/2012 (11:53 PM)

      Edited. Links should be working fine now.

  • R
    23/02/2012 (9:46 PM)

    Im happy for you!

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