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Really Stupid Injury

Spent a big part of the day working my ass off for my job. Missed a deadline already (not the first one), and things aren’t going as smoothly as they should. Still feeling not very optimal either, in both workflow and feelings.

And as I was about to write this post, BLAM, it hits me, somewhere near the second half of March is the deadline for a site for a friend of mine (the same one who’s been filming me for her portfolio), and I haven’t done batshit about it yet. Sure, the design there, in my head and crappily sketched on paper using a pen, but daaamn.

Reality hits you hard when you suddenly realise there’s deadlines to everything, and you’re failing at meeting them.

It’s a good experience, and definitely one I’ll be using to get into proper jobs for huge companies a lot easier, but these are pretty stressful times as is and I don’t really need all the shitload of deadlines on my back, too. But I can’t and really shouldn’t quit now. The future holds promises, and I’m wanting to make sure they’re kept. Glorious loot to be rept!

Also I wonder when I’ll rake in some boondollars and climb my echeladder for this whole “job” thing.
~ Fang


  • 24/02/2012 (7:35 PM)

    Deadlines… My worst nightmare. Especially when new games and shows are released just before the deadline.

  • 22/02/2012 (7:08 PM)

    You’re not alone with having deadlines looming!

  • 22/02/2012 (7:52 AM)

    Keep it up. Good luck on everything!

  • 22/02/2012 (7:47 AM)

    I hate deadlines >_<

  • 22/02/2012 (2:27 AM)

    You do take on a lot of work. When you’re finished with this huge batch, don’t take on so much!

    • 22/02/2012 (9:49 AM)

      Actually it’s my boss who’s taken on a shitload of projects, and has a huge backlog of projects that still need to be finished or even started, even though he knows his team is small.
      Well, as long as I get paid more than minimum wage, I’m cool with things. ;D

  • 22/02/2012 (1:45 AM)

    Nice info

  • G
    22/02/2012 (12:53 AM)

    deadlines are always being re-negotiated in my job…

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