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Friendship is magic!

Nothing in particular really. Just as it’s always been o’er here. And just as it always will be.

First of all, some of you were wondering why I had to do the presentation in English if it wasn’t my native language. I pretty much voluntarily teamed with two bilingual students, so I had to roll along with their “do it all in English” requirement. Like reported, it went pretty well though, so no worries there. And thank you all once again for the compliments on my English and how you don’t notice it’s not my native language etc etc. I’m in danger of getting cocky about it though so don’t spoil me too much!

On a completely different note, I took myself up to the challenge of providing a friend of mine with at least 10 new blog followers whom she does not know yet. So this is me, telling y’all to head over to Dust and Shadows, laugh at how awfully all-over-the-place her posts tend to be, and follow her because it’s hilarious like that.
She’s all new and stuff up here in the Blogosphere, so go easy on her. Hope she’ll get her posts more structured soon.
…But if someone shouldn’t be saying that it’s me. My posts are rather unstructured, non-topical, and really rather content-less too.


I should stop dwelling on my blogging style though. It’ll just change as I change, nothing’s going to change that.
Barack Obama joke here.

~ Fang


  • 10/02/2012 (7:42 PM)

    Your blogging style is fine as it is. I just wish you post more images.

  • 10/02/2012 (5:48 PM)

    Nice, I enjoy your blog the way it is as well!

  • 10/02/2012 (5:18 PM)

    Also, Fang! I had no idea English wasn’t your native language! x’D.

    • 10/02/2012 (9:08 PM)

      Hahaha you’re pretty stupid too. :D

  • 10/02/2012 (7:57 AM)

    We all love Obama jokes.

    you don’t need to change anything. I like your blog.

  • 10/02/2012 (7:50 AM)

    [insert outrage at Barack Obama joke here]

  • 10/02/2012 (4:01 AM)

    Nice joke

  • 10/02/2012 (12:36 AM)

    YES WE CAN CHANGE. I don’t think your posts are that bad, you’re going through some pretty busy as fuck times and well something had to take a hit. If your blogging style bothers you that much you can change it. Checking out friend now though.

  • 09/02/2012 (10:37 PM)

    Dude my posts on my blog went from “Album Reviews” to “YELLING ABOUT MUSIC!” in like a week. It’s cool.

  • 09/02/2012 (9:50 PM)

    Not sure whether to be pleased. x’D.
    And also you hypocritically nefarious dude. That was quite possibly the most nonsensical insult ever. :’DDD. Be proud.

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