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Why are you giving me that look? Ah, hahaha, yeah, a dirty mind is a joy forever.

In all seriousness though, today it started SNOWING. Not entirely unexpected since it’s been freezing an average of -6 degrees Celsius lately, but this is the first snow we’ve seen here this winter. And boy is it a lot. It came out of totally fucking nowhere, and then suddenly blizzard for about five hours straight. Cycling home was a huge pain with ~10cm snow at some really bad parts.

Sure, sure, this is nothing compared to some of the heavy-ass snowstorms people in other parts of the world experience, but still, this came pretty sudden and I though it was pretty cool. Well, let’s just hope it’s all gone by Tuesday, have to get to school then. (Monday off, woo!)

See y’all tomorrow.
~ Fang


  • 09/02/2012 (8:48 PM)

    omg omg omg omg its fang talks with its awesome design

  • 04/02/2012 (11:22 PM)

    -6 C? that’s cute. We’ve got -26 C here.

  • 04/02/2012 (11:12 PM)

    Wow, that’s awesome, i want snow here & they forecast it for tonight, but it’s raining outside now, so even if it does, it won’t stick :((((( Following too, cool little blog :)

  • 04/02/2012 (6:50 PM)

    Ugh I hope it doesn’t come here. Driving will be a nightmare.

  • G
    04/02/2012 (1:07 PM)

    It’s just started here in the UK…..pretty but a pain (like Paris Hilton)

  • R
    04/02/2012 (12:47 PM)

    It’s too cold here..

  • 04/02/2012 (10:56 AM)

    At least you can experience different seasons like winter. Here in my country, we experience extreme heat all year long with the occasional sudden floods and storms.

  • Jay
    04/02/2012 (3:51 AM)


  • 04/02/2012 (2:31 AM)

    I’m jealous!

  • 04/02/2012 (2:26 AM)

    i’ve never seen or touched snow in real life. :(

  • 04/02/2012 (2:15 AM)

    How unlucky for you, all the snow over here is finally melting away.

  • 04/02/2012 (12:21 AM)

    I am so damn jealous.

  • 04/02/2012 (12:06 AM)

    I so want it to snow here, it’s too hot in SC.

  • 03/02/2012 (10:08 PM)

    Where do you live? =)

  • 03/02/2012 (10:07 PM)

    Hot dang. It never gets cold enough to snow where I live, or at least for the snow to stick to the ground for more then 5 mins. The last snow I saw was probably 4 years ago. But it does hail, does that count?

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