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Shits and giggles

I love 404 jokes. It’s not funny enough to qualify as a joke, but hey, the intention is there.

So yeah, guitar didn’t arrive today. I got a message that it was indeed shipped though, so it’ll probably arrive tomorrow. If not, I’ll have to wait ’til Monday. Sadface.

In better news, I found this which I will try to implement soon so that I can properly display code on my blog without having to fuck with the editor like I did a few days back. It has line-numbering and proper syntax highlighting, so that’ll make things a lot neater. I’ll try to get ’round to implementing that tomorrow, if I’m not preoccupied with more awesome things by then.

In other unrelated news, I discovered the magic that is BitCoins. Haven’t done anything with it yet, but read up on my shit, and it looks pretty cool. Any BitCoins-to-cash services out there? Hehehehe.

See you guys tomorrow, hopefully with more interesting news to report on.
~ Fang


  • 25/02/2012 (6:43 PM)

    If your item shipped then you should have a tracking number :)

  • 25/02/2012 (5:48 PM)

    I’ve read about bitcoin usage but most of it seemed to lean towards to more illegal side of things. ._.

  • 25/02/2012 (5:44 PM)

    the highliter seems very handy, thanks :), also what king of guitar is it ?

  • 25/02/2012 (6:23 AM)

    Hope you get your guitar soon :)

  • 25/02/2012 (5:26 AM)

    Hope you get the guitar tomorrow!

  • 25/02/2012 (4:08 AM)

    nice share dude

  • 24/02/2012 (11:16 PM)


  • 24/02/2012 (10:27 PM)

    404 jokes count as jokes. Or at least a meme. I hope the guitar does show up soon. In one piece too of course!

  • 24/02/2012 (9:37 PM)

    Ooo, that Syntax Highlighter looks really handy, I’ll have to bookmark it, I’m sure I’ll need it someday.

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