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The post you're reading right now is a prophecy.

Children, please leave now.
Fuck fuck fuckity fucking fuck fucks fuck. (Do excuse my French.)

It goes without saying I totally fucked up my chemistry test. I’m feeling totally and completely shit about it. Why? Practiced all night long, got up early, and did some more practice exercises. Only one of the three questions on the test consisted of something I could relate to one of the exercises I made before.
Surefire F, here I come.
*curses and flips tables and shit*

Physics went well enough though. Some tricky ones there which I didn’t get, but figured most of them out.

Got biology tomorrow. For some reason this is one of my worse subjects. Can’t afford to balls it up though. Sure, I’m allowed to (or should, even) retake two tests from this test week, but how about I just do the second one for fun instead of “got to fix my screw-ups”?
Damn, sort of hella nervous about this. Some multiple-choice questions will be there as always, though, so the possibility of correct guesses is a nice bonus.

Won’t continue working on secretproject ’til tomorrow, or later. Shit, end of this week’s gonna be so damn busy. No break in sight, not even a bad one.

~ Fang


  • 19/01/2012 (8:49 PM)

    I know how you feel about Chemistry. That was exactly how I did in Organic Chem too.

  • 19/01/2012 (10:39 AM)

    I’m sure you did better than you think :)

  • 19/01/2012 (2:32 AM)

    You are in for a pretty rough rest of the week here. It sucks major balls that the stuff you prepared for wasn’t on the test too. That’s almost like lying by the exam bored.

  • 18/01/2012 (11:15 PM)

    Just think positive, and read up on Law of Attraction ;)

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