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16 01 12

Test week, 3/8!

Despite today supposedly being Blue Monday, my day is unbreakable! As, in, totally fucking great.

Dutch language and vocabulary test, derp, could’ve gone better. I suck at learning lists though so vocabulary didn’t go to well. Scored some on the language errors though.

Maths went waaay better than expected, and was quite easy actually. Few tough questions in there, but those didn’t go for too much points anyway. Expecting a good grade for that one.

Welp, I’ll say this. I was fucking nervous and couldn’t recall shit about one of the books, and I still got a 7 (where 10 is the max and best score). Pretty darn good, and very, very pleased with that! WOOHOO!

Just an English essay to write tomorrow, nothing too challenging I assume. Allows me to put some more time into chemistry and physics, which I got on Thursday. Oh noes!

Oh and thanks for the good luck wishes yesterday and the day before. Really appreciate those, even though they didn’t get rid of my nervousness. Thanks guys!
~ Fang


  • 17/01/2012 (8:31 PM)

    You are one busy boy!. Just keep on trucking, man.

  • 17/01/2012 (11:10 AM)

    You can speak German? So jealous!

    Good luck for the rest of them now :)

  • 17/01/2012 (10:21 AM)

    What is with you and languages? I don’t know how you guys can learn more than one, I’m absolutely terrible at them.

    Also, sorry about publishing that earlier comment, I think I might have just auto-published everything that day before clearly reading all of them.

  • 17/01/2012 (7:05 AM)

    Well. It’s good to hear that you had a good day after all the worrying!

  • 17/01/2012 (5:13 AM)

    good luck…^^

  • 17/01/2012 (1:11 AM)

    Sounds like you did pretty well :)

  • 17/01/2012 (12:08 AM)

    Dear markie,
    Eigenwijs als ik ben, praat ik nederlands. K wil je laten weten dat Op mijn blog momenteel de ultieme beschrijving staat van the care cup. Op te beuren! :D

    Sincerly, dees

  • 16/01/2012 (10:43 PM)

    lol well hopefully the good scores will have gotten rid of your nerves. Or some of them. Congrats brah.

  • 16/01/2012 (9:59 PM)

    I had a great day too!

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