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06 01 12

Re: Re: Books

Got quite a bit of critique on yesterday’s post, telling me that reading really can be fun, and there are some truly good books out there.

I know reading can be fun sometimes, and that there are better books than the average literature we get to read, but reading isn’t any fun when it’s just boring stuff forced down your traphole by your teachers.

Especially not when said boring stuff is literature, of the high and well-mannered kind. I like stories, and to that extent, a good book too (rarely, but yes, it happens). Problem is, all non-realistic fiction (which is more my genre, I don’t want any of those thrillers or romantic novels or whatever) never ever fall into the “high literature” category.

There’s a lot of people out there who think it’s preposterous there are still others who haven’t read any Harry Potter books yet. If they’re so great, then why are they not classified as literature?

What, really, is literature? How does one define it?
Just like musical genres, it’s a stupid-ass categorising system that we need to do away with. In the end, it’s all subjective anyway.

~ Fang


  • 09/01/2012 (4:33 AM)

    If all good books turn into Visual Novels then I’ll read books like there is no tomorrow.

  • G
    08/01/2012 (2:14 AM)

    for me literature is anything I read that makes me think…

  • 07/01/2012 (5:12 PM)

    Reading is fun. It really is! That is, if you like the materials you’re reading. Simple as that.. It sucks if the books aren’t your genre and then somebody’s forcing you to read them.

    What is literature? I’m not really sure. LOL.. I think it’s a matter of opinion. It’s not my favorite subject in school. I consider myself lucky, having passed it. :P

  • 07/01/2012 (4:31 PM)

    yeah! agreeing with bersercules +1
    I talked about my opinions a lot on the previsous post. ahahah

    but, as I said, it’s good to read what you WANT to read. forced read normally sucks

  • 07/01/2012 (7:41 AM)

    I can agree with that. Reading books because you’re forced to isn’t fun.

  • 07/01/2012 (3:11 AM)

    Well Bersercules summed it up pretty well there. There are a lot of pretentious assholes in every field of art, even in some fields of non-art. It’s up to us to laugh at them for being assholes than they laugh at us for being “uneducated”. My only real hope is that in a few hundred years Twilight is not considered high literature, and Justin Bieber is not considered classical music.

  • 07/01/2012 (1:32 AM)

    I can’t read.
    It’s to boring to me. :(

  • 06/01/2012 (9:55 PM)

    I don’t read as often as I used to. But I still love to read. It’s a relaxing and unwinding activity.

  • 06/01/2012 (9:17 PM)

    In literature every thing has double meanings. If its about people on a boat hunting a whale it could also be about human struggle/spirit or obsesion. Harry Potter can be looked that was but people as a whole don’t like new things so it will only be regarded as such when ever one who ever grew up before it was released is dead and the book itself is old. Just like many books that are classics now. (ie Pride and Predijuce and Moby Dick)
    Educated people often like to learn everything in school then scoff at new things and go on believing they know it all. Real intellegent people realize you have to keep learning.

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